House of Dark Tidings

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House of Dark Tidings


Domain Citizens

Kindred of the Camarilla -

Prince: Elyria, Tremere, Ancilla NPC

Sencal:Mick, Gangrel

Harpy: Elder Henry, Toreador

Keeper: TBD

Sheriff: Jacky, Brujah, Ancilla

Scourge: None

Primogen Council:

Ventrue: Jade Stilton

Tremere: Dr. Davenport


Nosferatu: Fred

Malkavian: Jamie, Neonate

Brujah: TBD

Toreador: Simon, Ancilla

Tower Citizens: Elder Alistair Mason, Ventrue

Raveanna, Brujah, Neonate

Athena, Toreador, Ancilla (RPC)

Bree, Toreador, Neonate(RPC)

"Ugly" Bob, Caitiff, Neonate

Inner Crow, Malkavian, Ancilla (RPC)

Honoured Departed: Elder Mary Sylviera, Malkavian, NPC

Rose Mercury, Gangrel, Neonate (RPC)

Stephan, Malkavian, Neonate (RPC)

Crow, Gangrel, Neonate (RPC)

Kindred of the Independent Alliance

Doyen: Echis, Follower of Set, Ancilla




Citizens of the Independent Alliance:

Miguel, Follower of Set, Ancilla

Sabella, Follower of Set NPC

Nicodemus, Giovanni, Giovanni, Elder

Danny, Giovanni, Neonate

Carlos, Giovanni, Neonate

Gabe Giovanni, Giovanni, Ancilla, NPC

Karreck, Follower of Set

Darius, Follower of Set

Lorielie, Follower of Set

Kindred of the Anarch Movement

Gabriel Wolostuk, Gangrel, Ancilla, Baron NPC

Saviina, Brujah, Ancilla

Mutt, Brujah, Neonate

Gadgett, LaSombra

Monte, LaSombra

Gerard Frost, Son of Discord

Rory, Malkavian

Unaligned Kindred

Allegra, LaSombra

Wolf, Assimite

Lenny, Gargoyle

Alexander Davos, Malkavian, Neonate

City Timeline

Past - until 2000- City of Saint John has been held and fiercely defended by the Werewolves.

2000-2015 - Wolves are driven out of the city by a variety of stackable calamitous factors.

2016 - Saint John is taken over by CEO through legit and illegitimate means. They buy out Irving Companies, Bell Aliant Telecoms

2016 - Government cuts to funding in favor of national defence force NB Power to be sold as a public company. Saint John & NB Power including Pt LePreau Nuclear are purchased by Sunlight Oil CEO Vincent Sterling.

2017 - Kindred notice that CEO’s control and hold over the area is new. They seem to have spread themselves very thin over a large area.

World Guide


In conjunction with the VSS style sheet/document this will provide an ongoing record of the NPCs, plots and various assorted things for the 2017-2020 Vampire the Masquerade Chronicle for CND-02 in Saint John New Brunswick.

Supernatural Denizens

As a harbor city and historic city Saint John since its liberation from Garou control, has attracted a great many groups that seek to control the city for one reason or another.


Saint John has a lot of very angry ghosts which draws the Giovanni to want to take the city for themselves. . The mass deaths during the cholera outbreak and the fire plus the casualties of the violence when the Garou were driven from the city has left a great number of angry ghosts right on the other side of the shroud. There doesn’t seem to be any structure to the ghosts, they instead seem to be driven by an almost instinctual hatred of the living as the necromancers work to gain them as their weapons.

The Kindred

Long held by the Garou only a few very discreet kindred have ever been able to reside in this city before 2016. But since the fall of the Garou in 2016 a supernatural power vacuum is drawing many sects of Kindred and small groupings of independently allied creatures of the night to establish a power base in the influential port city. The Sabbat have taken hold over Fredericton and seem content to remain in that city.



The Camirilla's story began with a missive issued from Elder Mary Silveira, Prioress of the Catholic Church and Elder of Clan Malkavian. Elder Sylveira called to members of the tower to come to take Saint John and claim it for the Tower as a domain. Many young kindred answered the call. And a select group of Elders arose to guide them.

Prince Alistair Mason, Elder of Clan Ventrue, claimed Praxis in this domain and was successful in forming the court here. Whislt they face significant challenges to take the city form Sunlight Oil, the court enjoys a steadfast stability in the Elder Ventrue's hands.

After Rose's death Elder Mason retreated, and Praxis has been siezed by Elyria of Clan Tremere.

Other Sects

The Independant Alliance has gathered more and more followers and are also cliaming domain in the city of Saint John.

The Anarch pressence is also growing after the tower wiped them in out in 'self-defence'.



Domain Details

Storytellers: Vanessa Klohn & David Glassford & Chris Wilson

Storyteller Email:

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