House of the Black Lotus

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Information Known by the Kindred World

Lineage Name: House of the Black Lotus

Lineage Patron NPC:

Clan: Ventrue

Sect: Camarilla

About House of The Black Lotus is steeped in tradition. (Pending 6th gen), was a Chinese Merchant, embraced in Europe. He embraced others of Asian decent in order to solidify their power over the Silk Road. Although many of the founding members have their roots from Asia, they embrace kindred of all backgrounds, as they feel it would prove useful and necessary to operate globally.



House Of the Black Lotus: Notable Members


(Rumors, Lies, Truths, Whispers? - Feel Free to Add)

  • A member of the House maybe responsible for the assassination of many Setites

OOC Information

Organizing Player: Eric Causeway

Organizing Player’s Email:

Storyteller: Jimmy Lindsey

Storyteller’s Email: