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Name: Hugo DuVal
Aliases: The Black Swan, Butcher of Baltimore, The Twice Hunted, Hurricane Hugo, Marquis of Massacre, Vintner of Violence, The Mistake
Society: Camarilla
Clan: Ventrue (Crusader)
Location: Whereabouts Unknown
Title/Position: Forsaken, Wild Hunted

~Saga of Savagery~

  • 1625 - Born into an aristocratic noble family of vineyard owners in the French Riviera
  • 1650 - Ghouled, beginning of Agoge
  • 1750 - Embraced by Ilythia L'ange Du Val
  • 1752 - Abandoned by his sire and left alone, swore devotion to the Sabbat. After renovating his family's wine delivery ship, sailed to the New World
  • 1753 - French and Indian War privateer. Disrupted British supply lines and performed raids along the New England Coast
  • 1765 - Settling in the Philadelphia area. Under the tutelage of Prince Antonious the Spartan, focused on espionage, statecraft, diplomacy and non-conventional warfare
  • 1776 - Became heavily involved with the American War for independence
  • 1780 - First Sabbat Civil War
  • 1803 - Present at the signing of The Purchase Pact
  • 1805 - Scouted Louisiana Purchase for the Sabbat
  • 1861 - American Civil War, providing Sword and Union troop transport
  • 1870 - Second Sabbat Civil War, spent time in Mexico investigating the assassination of the Regent
  • 1933 - Present at the signing of the Code of Milan
  • 1950 - Briefly relocated to the American Gulf Coast, looting, smuggling, and raiding Camarilla docks
  • 1962 - Began serving as the Bishop of War for the Diocese of Philadelphia
  • 1982 - Clandestine Cold War operative, gathered intelligence from Eastern Bloc Brujah and Nosferatu
  • 1990 - Began operations on and around the Canadian border, expanding territories and deposing Princes
  • 1999 - Single-handedly destroyed the Prince and Court of Baltimore, MD after a decade-long infiltration
  • 2008 - Relocated back to New England, running clubs and businesses for the Sabbat during the American Economy Crisis
  • 2012 - Present for the Chicago Blood Accords
  • 2016 - Black Swan Wineries gains notoriety, being both renowned for it's high quality intoxicating effects, while being banned in numerous Camarilla Courts.
  • 2017 - Defected from the Sabbat and quickly Wild Hunted by Cardinal Francisco Polonia. Blood Hunted by Prince Stokely after a supposed assassination attempt at Connecticut conclave. Spent many months evading capture, dodging hit squads, and assaulting Camarilla Princes across North America.
  • 2018 - Pardoned by Prince Rikard Bouwman of Los Angeles, upon which, he was quickly ordered by Justicar Lucinde to report and answer for his alleged crimes against the Camarilla. Hugo goes silent for 10 months and is presumed to have met Final Death.

~Heretical Hearsay~

  • Fiercely protective of his nieces and grand-nieces.
  • Reportedly the proprietor of Black Swan Vineyards, a prolific blood wine venture catering to eclectic tastes
  • May or may not have romantic interests in opposing sects.
  • Maintains a centuries old feud with his older brother Pau Lamarca.
  • I heard that Hugo and Marissa St. Claire had a passionate affair...right before she disappeared.
  • Rogue agent of the DuVals or thorn in their side? Best not to ask that family either way, if you want to maintain relations.
  • He has lately taken to making wines of important Kindred he ravages.
  • Thought to be the last kindred scene with Luminary Elder Quintus Lucius Varro before his disappearance.


  • "Hugo represents everything I've ever wanted to be in this existence. My shortcomings and failures as a kindred will forever leave me basking in his glorious shadow. I hate him / desperately yearn to be him. He is, essentially, an undead Ryan Gosling." -- Pau Lamarca
  • "'The blood of Kings flows through my veins. Not because I was made as such, but because I put it there."
  • "Arretez s'il vous plait. Pitié!" --Cornelia Mowebary
  • "You know why Ilythia ceased creating childer after myself? She finally got it right."
  • "The childe of my beast, the childe of my darkest desires..." --Ilythia L'ange Du Val
  • "Both history and I have forgotten the names of the children of my womb. My true legacy lies with the sons of my blood, each a perfectly exquisite monstrosity." --Ilythia L'ange Du Val
  • "Uncle Hugo is a competent kindred. He's the real deal. Propa, full-on, for'y five callibre badass." --Luciana Santora DuVal
  • "Of all the horrors of the known piss your bed at night over Hugo DuVal? You let the Black Swan erase centuries of alliances because he waddled his ass into a room and shook it? My, your ethics and high codes of conduct are set at a lower bar than I thought. Where is that centuries worth of patience? Nevermind.. get out of my office." --Eleanore Laurent
  • "If I'm allowed to quote the unvarnished, unreported, and unexpected words of Joseph, husband of Mary: what the ever-living fuck where you thinking?" --Thaddeus Moreau
  • "If convincing a wanted criminal to turn himself in and give him the dignity to do so with his head held high is worthy of scorn, then I will gladly bear the slings and arrows of such an action. A problem is off the board, but I cannot help but think of the loss of potential..." Prince Rikard Bouwman of Los Angeles

Associations/Character Ties

Jean-Louis Business Associate.

Playlist - Guillotine Lullaby

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