Huitzilin Ocelotl

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Huitzilin Ocelotl

Notable Traits: Aztec heritage, brusk, solemn demeanor

Society: Unaligned- Mountain Loyalist

Clan: Assamite: Warrior Caste


Born in the Aztec Empire just decades before it's fall, Huitzilin grew up among an isolated tribe who resented the Aztec conquerors, particularly their brutish Tlacique priests. As a young man, he supplanted himself as a warrior of the Empire and waited for the opportune time to strike. When Tenochtitlan was sacked in 1521, he saw his opportunity, and burst into a local temple, killing a Tlacique ghoul as he made his way through the halls. Huitzilin arrived in the sacred chambers just in time to find his future Assamite sire diablorizing his target. His sire was impressed with the young warrior, and after a period of training as a ghoul, Huitzilin was embraced. Despite being strong and intelligent, Huitzilin wasn't particularly adept in social avenues. However, this flaw would be overcome with years in training in espionage, and Huitzilin would eventually become incredibly adept at observing and mimicking social behaviors, making him an invaluable spy. Today, Huitzilin is a dedicated warrior of the Mountain, holding the laws of Haqim in high regard, and making the destruction of the infernal and corrupt his unlife's primary goal.


  • 1503: Born
  • 1521-1528: Ghoul
  • 1528: Embraced
  • 1601: Finished formal training; officially joins the Black Hand
  • 1843: Came to the Colorado territory
  • 1890: Formally assigned to Denver
  • 1999: Ur-Shulgi Returns; Huitzilin abandons the Sabbat to return to Alamut
  • 2019: Assigned to Eagle



  • Huitzilin has mentioned in the past that in his mortal life, his tribe were known as "the Jaguar Skin People" in Nahuatl. Is this just a name, or could it relate to the rumors of shapeshifters beyond just the lupines?
  • Who is Huitzilin's sire? Some clues point to the warrior being a member of the same bloodline as Eagle's Eldest, Davar, but surely the Elder would know of his own great-grandchilde... Right?
  • Huitzilin still has an old grudge against the Tlacique- which is warranted, as they are deeply corrupt Cainnites who pose a threat to a kine. But some of his superiors worry that Huitzilin would do something rash to seek revenge against a member of the Follower of Set Bloodline... perhaps even disobey the Laws of Haqim.

OOC Information

Player: Brom Eccles

Player Email:

Storyteller: Michael Dyer


Location: Eagle, CO