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Wise in measure should each man be, but ne'er let him wax too wise:

Who looks not forward to learn his fate, unburdened heart will bear.

Commonly Known Information

Huld is a Norse seer and witch based out of the Illinois area. She sees beyond mere mortal means and her services are available to those who have the courage to seek her out and the wisdom to know that there is always a price to knowledge. She is almost always accompanied by Bruder.

Seek Wisdom

Name: Huld

Notable Traits: Oracular Ability, wears a blue cloak, carries a staff and walks with a limp, an icy breath of cold air seems to follow her.

Society: Camarilla

Clan: Malkavian

Generation: 7th

Lineage: Isharu

Sire: Tannesh

Childer: Gaius Fane

Status: Confirmed (Abiding), Established (Abiding), Privileged (Abiding)


Manifesting oracular ability at an early age, Huld was apprenticed to a local vǫlva, where she studied medicine and magic. When her village was raided, Huld was able to get most of the children to safety, though not her own, and swore revenge against the raiders. When she learned that a vampire was behind it, Huld left in pursuit of wisdom and power to help her avenge her family. She sought out magic and monsters in the wild places, and has continued to do so long since her enemy was reduced to ash.

Wandering across Scandinavia, and then around Europe between Norse settlements,Huld offered her services as vǫlva to Norse vampires as well as checking on people’s mortal families and carrying news between communities.

As Christianity pushed out her out, Huld sought further and wilder places. Getting stuck in Greenland for several hundred years, Huld completely missed several major vampiric developments, including the Anarch Revolt, the formation of the Camarilla, and the birth of the Sabbat. She came back to a world vastly changed, and it just kept changing.

Time Line:

518-552: Mortal life in Norway as a vǫlva until her village was attacked. She got most of the children to safety and began plotting her revenge

556-660 – Goes looking for monsters and magic and is embraced by Tannesh in Belarus.

660-700 Seeks out kindred vǫlva in Finland

701-772 – Seeks out the wild/edge places where magic and monsters can be found.

773-808 – Opposing Charlemagne’s efforts, after being particularly offended by his destruction of the Irminsul pillar.

808-1000: Wandering around Scandinavia as a vǫlva for the Norse kindred as well as offering to check on people’s mortal families for them.

1000-1234: Hanging out in Europe, specifically in Romania, France, and Germany, traveling between pagan communities.

1236-1347: Flees to Iceland where the Old Ways are less persecuted.

1348-1722: Goes to Greenland looking for monsters and magic in the edge/wild places and gets stuck there. She misses major events in kindred history by being a shaman instead, and came back to the different sects. She joins the Camarilla because she is an elder and it is more convenient and safe than being Unaligned.

1722-1865: Spends time in the New World, mostly with Native Americans.

1865 -1999: Has had it with this world and its technology and goes back to Norway for a nice long nap.

1999: Wakes up for the end of the world, but it didn’t actually end and now everything is even stranger and she doesn’t like it.

2012-present: Was drawn to Illinois by the Blood Accord in Chicago, and has set herself up as a vǫlva for the Norse kindred in the region.


Feathers and Mirrors
  • Huld cannot lie.
  • Huld isn’t Malkavian, but is actually just a Gangrel who has gone crazy.
  • Huld ruthlessly eradicated the brujah vampire, and everyone who would avenge him, who killed her children.
  • Huld likes werewolves more than she likes vampires.
  • Huld hates Christianity.
  • Huld has a disturbingly soft spot for children and will brutally murder anyone who she catches hurting them.
  • Huld is accompanied at all times by a gangrel who is her bodyguard, or her personal assistant, or her babysitter, or her brother, or her lover, or, well, no one is actually sure what he is and Huld can’t seem to consistently remember his name.
  • Huld can be easily bribed with glass or stone beads.
  • Huld reads the aura of everyone who comes within range.
  • Rumor here.

Allies and Enemies


  • "The safest place you can be is lost. In a cave. In Norway. Surrounded by circles of fire and salt and blood. With a stake through your heart, to prevent you from doing anything... unwise." - Huld
  • "You were her daughter, but I was her student." - Huld
  • "My first daughter, a child of my heart, a reflection in a broken mirror." - Tannesh
  • "Everyone needs an older sister. Someone that keeps you safe, teaches you right from wrong. Makes you feel better when you skin your... Okay so maybe she's nothing like a big sister, but if i ever need someone I can rely on, you can be sure I'll call her first." - Gabriel
  • "A harsh, no non-sense kind of woman. I seek to avoid her gaze if at all possible." - 3chelon
  • "I thought my eyes opened long ago... now I have met Huld, I realise they were half-lidded at best. And now... such clarity." - Jenny Masterson
  • "Finally! Someone who talks sense and held my interest intellectually! Can't wait to speak again." - Angela Deth
  • "My grand-sire. She is so deeply wise that I feel very … unanchored sometimes, in comparison. When she speaks, I listen. When I feel confused, I touch the necklace she gave me, and I feel closer to what is true and real." - Brenda Bittersea
  • "Sometimes, when an elder doesn't see me, I regret it. Could have been an interesting conversation." - Mara Nordahl
  • "Your Quote Here." - You

OOC Information

Playlist: "Skalds and Shadows" by Blind Guardian, "The Islander" by Nightwish, "The Howling" by Within Temptation, "Frozen Heart" from Frozen, "Nothing Ever Die" by Kamelot, "Friends on the Other Side" from The Princess and the Frog, "Poor Unfortunate Souls" from The Little Mermaid, "Viddernas Man" by Falconer, "Your Fault; Last Midnight" from Into the Woods, "For the Sake of Revenge" by Sonata Arctica, "Not Afraid to Die" by Pain, "All Nightmare Long" by Metallica

Player: Rebecca Gearhart

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Storyteller: William Tetreault

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Location: Bloomington, Illinois