Hunter of Secrets

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

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Name: Quin

Deed Name: Hunter of Secrets - Fostern Uktena Theurge

Notable Traits:

Pack: Seven Deady Sins

Sept: Sept of the Bayou's Rage

Pack Position:


Quin “Hunter of Secrets” is clever and perceptive, he is a student of the world and always trying to learn new things. He has been studying for ten years to be a Banetender and keep the tradition of his Tribe alive. Quin is very smart but does not understand sarcasm or human humor.

Basic Timeline:

Born in 2002. Underwent first change in 2006 studied with Bane Tenders until 2016. Come to the Houston sept in 2017.


“Garou and Fera must be equal if we are to survive.”

"Homids are Garou, just like Lupus and Metis; Humans and Homids are not the same, brother."

"I don't think your Netflix is a reliable source of lore."


OOC Information

Player: Josh DeMott

Player Email: Josh DeMott

Storyteller: Andy Lambert

Storyteller Email: Andy Lambert

Location: Houston, TX