Husam al-Din

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Husam al-Din

VST TW Masquerade


The Sword of Faith

  • Clan: Assamite (Warrior)
  • Faction: Schismatic
  • Social Class: Ancilla


  • Husam al-Din was embraced into the Clan Assamite by "Talon" in Turkey in 1957 before moving to Tunisia in 1960, where he spent the next seven years.
  • Husam spent time across the Middle East over the 70s, 80s and 90s plying his trade as a Close Protection Advisor for Kindred who could pay the right price. Would you have liked a bodyguard for your PC in Tehran, Syria or Damascus?
  • Husam, as a devout Muslim, was unwilling to give up Allah when the Eagle awoke and took the Black Throne from Jamal. He followed Al-Ashrad and the schismatics in joining the Camarilla.