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AKA: Katherine McAfee
Breed: Lupus
Auspice: Galliard
Tribe: Fianna
Pack: The Leftovers
Sept: Seattle



The most alive is the wildest.Henry David Thoreau


In January 1995, U.S. and Canadian wildlife officials captured 14 wolves from multiple packs east of Jasper National Park, near Hinton, Alberta, Canada. These wolves arrived in Yellowstone in two shipments—January 12, 1995 (8 wolves) and January 20, 1995 (6 wolves). They were released into three acclimation pens—Crystal Creek, Rose Creek and Soda Butte Creek in the Lamar Valley in Northeast East Yellowstone National Park. In March 1995, the pens were opened and between March 21 and March 31, 1995 all 14 wolves were loose in Yellowstone.

Two of those 14 wolves were my parents.


Rank: Fostern

Honor: Loyal (Fleeting)
Glory: Gallant (Fleeting)
Wisdom: X

Known Rites: Seasonal, Renown


Totem: Raccoon
My pack! They're tremendous. We've traveled all over the western part of this massive continent, helping where we can. We ended up in Seattle just in time to fix the caern and bring on the giant fish — sorry, that's another story. So, the pack! We're called the Leftovers, and we follow clever Raccoon. It's called Leftovers, because that's food you save for a hungry day on a day when you aren't hungry. That's smart. That's prepared. That's what we do.

Sept of the Reach


    float:leftHush is a lot smarter and more 'tech-savvy' than your usual Lupus. This probably comes from Null Script being such a kind teacher.
    float:leftSoren Arnegriff punches Hush when she makes a mistake. Is it abuse, or protectiveness?
    float:leftHush really has something against Metis. She'll barely even talk to one if they're in a room together. I guess she's old-fashioned.
    float:left Seems to do her duty well. Very loudly. — Collyn Laskaris
    float:left Happy birthday, my sweet! Consider that box of shoes your official adoption papers into the family of Uncle 'Spector's heart. — 'Spector
    float:left Yes, I let her keep her deed name. She needed it more than I did. — The Werewolf Formerly Known As Hush
    float:leftPut your quote or rumor here! — Your PC Name



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