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Action Items and Missions

The list of current open missions, scandals, and action items for the Sept of Karma's Vanguard.

All lists and notes are OOC. Feel free to add any missed info and to update open missions as they are resolved. If you are interested in getting involved, contact the VST and Wyrmfoe to claim an assignment.

Helpful Guides

Handy rules guides created by fellow players

  • Celeste's Guide to Sept Positions [1]
  • Patrick's Guide to Renown [2]

The Leadership Council

Sept Leader - Shiva's Dove
The Warder - Strides Forward
Den Mother- Listens to Sleeping Trees
Master of the ChallengeRelentless Hunter

The Fool - Elijah Grayson
Master of the Rite - In challenge: Virus vs. Point Blank Shot
Truthcatcher- Justitia
Talesinger- Shadow Singer
Wyrmfoe- Sunborn Shadow

Sept Members

Deed Name Mundane Name Creature Type Rank Breed Auspice Tribe Faction Pack Player
Shiva’s Dove Saroj Faulkner Garou Adren Homid Philodox Child of Gaia Concordat Song of Saṃsāra Corinne Reif
Strides Forward Leah Simmons Bastet Athro (Ilani) Homid Ahroun (Daylight) Qualmi N/A #SquadGoals Randi Purdy
Deep-Song Denali Gurahl Adren (Kojubat) Homid Galliard (Kojubat) Forest Walker N/A Song of Saṃsāra Tristan Turner
Virus Thomas Evans Garou Fostern Homid Theurge Glass Walker Concordat Apex Mediocrity Kyle Morgan
Storms Toss the Unburdened Soul N/A Garou Fostern Metis Ragabash Stargazer Concordat Song of Saṃsāra Martin Chamberlain
Many-Faces Raven Jack Nuwisha Athro Lupus (Latrini) Ragabash N/A N/A N/A Jason Noel
Tahani Tahani Jones Ajaba Fostern Metis Ahroun (Dawn) N/A N/A Windsong Cassie Gegax
Nathan Kingsley Nathan Kingsley Kitsune Athro (4 Tails) Homid (Kojin) Philodox(Gukutsushi) N/A N/A Song of Saṃsāra Joseph Immel
Sunborn Shadow Alexis Minnowa Bastet Athro (Illani) Homid Ahroun (Daylight) Pumanca N/A Apex Mediocrity Monique Noel
Wicked Laughter Elijah Grayson Nuwisha Adren Lupus (Latrani) Ragabash N/A N/A Apex Mediocrity Joshua Luther
Justitia Jessica MacNamera Garou Adren Homid Philodox Stargazer Concordat Apex Mediocrity Denise Foreman
Listens to Sleeping Trees Selena Sweetwater Garou Adren Homid Theurge Black Fury Sanctum TBD Jessica Yeargin
Ace Bjarngrímr Gurahl Athro (Kieh) Homid Theurge (Kieh) Forest Walker N/A Song of Saṃsāra Tim Brown
Steelrender "Snow" Bastet Elder Lupus (Feline) Theurge/Ahroun Khan N/A N/A Rob Muller
Iron Rider Vic Irons Garou Fostern Homid Ahroun Glass Walker Concordat City Stewards Mathew Pederson
Broken Road Joseph Carter-Burker III Garou Fostern Homid Ahroun Uktena Concordat Unknown Stefan Vallecillo
Feathers Arrows With Her Rage Mackenzie Haynes Garou Fostern Homid Ahroun Black Furies Sanctum Unknown Amelia Vallecillo
Word Fetcher Corra Garou Cliath Metis Galliard Bone Gnawer Concordat Unknown Celeste van Houten
Point Blank Shot Julian Contos Garou Fostern Homid Theurge Black Fury Sanctum Unknown Corwin Wiltshire
Relentless Hunter Shadow Seeker Garou Fostern Lupus Philodox Uktena Concordat Unknown Jim Weathers
Trial by Fire Khephra Garou Adren Homid Ahroun Black Furies Sanctum Unknown Shannon Lampi

Frequent Guests

Deed Name Mundane Name Creature Type Rank Breed Auspice Tribe Faction Pack Player
Lines of Light N/A Bastet Cliath Lupus (Feline) Theurge (Night) Khan N/A The Unbound (SF) Nate Wetzel
No More Secrets Caden Moore Bastet Fostern Lupus (Feline) Ragabash (Dusk) Ceilican N/A NA BJ McManus
Hank Perches Hank! Corax Fostern Homid N/A N/A N/A N/A Roo Wetzel


  • Wyld Hunt
  • Apex Mediocrity
  • Song of Saṃsāra - Territory: Armstrong Woods
  • (#)SquadGoals - Territory: Annadel State Park/Lake Ilsanjo
  • Blind Justice - Territory: Mercuryville
  • Windsong - Territory: Bodega Bay
  • City Stewards