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August 2018 - Teaser

This month, on Werewolf the Apocalypse: Karma’s Vanguard (8/18/18)

With the Seed planted and the end of what was and the death (?) of a familiar friend, comes the birth of something new. The start of a new path and new stories for the members of the Sept.

Named “Karma’s Vanguard” this fledgling sept has a great deal of settling in and plans to prepare for. Are the members equipped for the changes coming their way? Can they tow the line of the Dark Lady’s demands? There is a sort of serenity and peace in the start of something new, And all does seem quiet. But is the quiet and solitude genuine, or does something nefarious and dark slowly begin to crawl and creep into the area?

It’s time for the August Apocalypse Game! Saturday August 18th at Ives Hall, SSU.

July 2018 - Part II Teaser

This month, on Werewolf the Apocalypse: The Birth of a new Sept (07/21/2018)

By an unfaltering trust, approach thy grave; Like one who wraps the drapery of his couch about him, and lies down to pleasant dreams.-William Cullen Bryant

Born into violent life and often delivered unto violent death; The shifters of the world have often walked with death not far behind. But for the Sept of the Good Deed and all it's members; they have chosen Balance within Death to be tributes to.

What crucible does the Lady of a Thousand Faces hold? Can the Mother's children earn her favor and deliver their Caern Seed to fruitful ground? And what foul creatures watch, and wait and will no doubt feel the pull of such a spiritual beacon?

Game on 7/21 at Ives Hall @ SSU

7PM to 12am

July 2018 - Part I Teaser

This month, on Werewolf the Apocalypse: Featured Game (07/14/2018)

The Sept moves and adjusts in the face of new beginnings and possible endings. But do things ever truly end or do they simply continue on in the cycle of all creation?

But time moves on and the members of The Good Deed seek out a new home and discover just how hospitable or dangerous the area truly is. Tensions rumble under the surface and with the shift in politics with the Fera, nothing rests on stable ground anymore. Change is happening, for good or for ill. But change can be growth.

But sometimes change is painful.

Please come join us this month for our featured game! We will NOT be at our normal location due to reservation conflicts. We will instead be at the Semillon Meeting Room located at Zinfandel Hall. Map of SSU: On this map the main SSU entrance from East Cotati is at the bottom. Zinfadel Hall is located over in the Top Left (North-West) corner. Map of Zinfadel Hall: On this map the Semillon Meeting Room is located in the Top Left (North-West) section of the map.

June 2018 Teaser

This month, on Werewolf the Apocalypse: New Beginings (06/16/2018)

"Absolute silence leads to sadness. It is the image of death." - Jean-Jacques Rousseau

The Sept has seen some trying times. With a rocky few months, the coming of the Umbral Storms seemed to be one more crucible in our Hero's litany of challenges. But thankfully all storms pass and as the eye of the storm finally begins to depart, what has been changed, what has been left in the wreckage?

The spirits have grown quiet. A soft and heavy silence in the umbra begins to spread. The umbra has assuredly been changed, but in what ways? What new challenges do the Sept of the Good Deed's members need to face?

What new pathways lay before the Sept?

September 2017 Teaser

This month, on Werewolf the Apocalypse: We get slapped (09/16/2017)

The Sun and the Moon return to their labors, and the Garou to their lives. There is always more to be done, but as the affairs of the Sept of Huvarshata have been put into order, it is time to tend to her people. Tonight, we sing, we dance, we tell tales, we drink inadvisably and we weep and laugh until we can do no more of either. It is time for a Slap Dance Moot

August 2017 Teaser

This month, on Werewolf the Apocalypse: New Beginnings (8/19/17)

To all of the shifters who call this area home, change has come to our Sept once again. As your new Sept Leader, I wish for this change to be a positive one that leads us to a brighter future. May it guide us towards our duty to upholds Newts law by living up to the name of Huvarshta and truly doing "Good Deeds" for all. Newt asks us to not allow words or fear to separate us from that which is good and kind and I plan to live by this wisdom as these very words have guided me here to lead this Sept. Be ye human, spirit, animal, Fera or Garou, we are all of Gaia and need to find our strength in our diversity instead of fighting over our differences.

The following edicts remain:

  • You may not enter Cearn heart if they have not undergone the Rote of Acceptance. I have spoken with Newt and he has requested this. He will send a shard of himself out of the heart if you require his wisdom. Speak with the rites mistress if you seek this audience.
  • Untainted Humans and Wolves, kin and non, are not to be killed unless there is no other alterative and leaving them alive would threaten the veil or the security of our cearn. I urge you, find an alternative. If they are killed and it is determined that you did not actively seek an alternative, you will be tried and the punishment will be severe. I will not tolerate wanton death and destruction of innocent life as a solution to a problem. This invites the Wyrn into our hearts which is the biggest threat our cearn faces.

All other edicts passed down by the previous Leader will be discussed at the Sept meeting next month.

As I know this is a concern for some, I have conferenced with Newt and we will not be attempting to move the Cearn to a new location as the shard seed is too fragile. To move it and risk its destruction would be not only be reckless but a violation of the Litany as well were it to fail. The Cearn will remain on campus and we will need to make the most out of this situation and do what we can to encourage it to blossom and grow in power.

For those that have asked, it is the tradition of my tribe to call their leaders "Shepherds" but I do not feel that Shepard is an appropriate moniker for this Sept. You are not livestock to be lead to pasture. You are proud warriors, wise scholars, and astute politicians and it is my duty to help oversea and adjudicate final decisions and plans, not watch over you as you graze passively in the fields. I am your Sept Leader but want each of you to have a voice that is heard and felt. Always know that you are welcome to come to me or the council with your concerns and ideas, no matter what your rank and no matter how small. This is how we learn from one another and grow as a community.

I ask for the following to be prepared for next month's Sept meeting:

  • The list of remaining debts this Sept owes from the previous leadership.
  • A list of all current mission and the packs assigned to these missions.
  • A list of all shifters who call their area their home but who have not undergone the Rite of Acceptance.
  • Any grievances, questions, territorial disputes, or concerns, over rulings by the last administration.
  • As an offering to Newt, I ask that each pack will present a plan or action that will result in a "Good Deed" for either the local population, be they human, animal or spirit. This plan must then be implemented over the next moon cycle. It may coincide with your current missions but must go beyond the tasks needed to complete your mission. It does not need to be grandiose and can be as simple as volunteering time to serve food at a homeless shelter, reading once a week to underprivileged children, setting up a scholarship fund for education at the university, organizing a rally to help raise awareness for animal rights ect. The deed may not seem large but even a small droplet of kindness can inspire others and help create an ocean of good deeds.

Saroj Faulkner - Shiva's Dove
Adren - Child of Gaia - Philodox - Born of woman
Leader of the Sept of Huvarshta
Member of the Concordat of Stars

July 2017 Teaser

This month, on Werewolf the Apocalypse: The night of Judgement. (7/15/17)
Three trials. Many crimes. The Sept of Good Deeds, fresh off the choosing of the new champion, finds itself embroiled in trials, as three members of the nation are brought up on trial for violations of the litany. As the future of the sept hangs in the balance, the world leans in to listen -- but do not think that the world will stop just for the Garou. There are always more crimes.

May 2017 - FEATURED GAME - Teaser

This Month on Werewolf: The Apocalypse! - SONOMA FEATURED GAME (5/20/2017)
It’s May, the county is in bloom.

The three traditionally warring plant courts; the Mysterious Court of Redwoods, The Industrious Court of Oak and Olive, and the Fractious and Violent San-écorce of the Court of Wildflowers, have put aside their mutual enmity to welcome their only mutual friend: Lord Polen

The Courts have set up three parties overlapping each other, each hoping to gain Lord Pollen’s attention and Blessings, However, even under the ostensible veil of peace, this party is one of hearty laughs, swirling shimmering dances, and dagger glares. Gaian Shifters are traditionally invited as peacekeepers, but attendance is usually sparse. Those who arrive have occasionally gained Lord Pollen’s favor, but still: it’s a spirit party, held by spirits, for spirits.

This year, however, is different.

Hints of a plot against Lord Pollen have been uncovered, and the invitation to Gaian shifters have become more prolific, and slightly more urgent. If Lord Pollen falls, then his work will go undone, a turn of events no one wants to dwell on for too long.

Thus, you have been invited, with a gilt leaf invitation, to attend Lord Pollen’s Balls.

April 2017 Teaser

This Month on Werewolf: The Apocalypse! (4/15/2017)
Meet the New Boss! The Veil Threatened! A Fitful Rest!

The siege lifted, the Sept of Hurvashta settles into a new normal. Her ranks swelled by a rush of new blood, and the ranks of leadership well and truly shuffled, now the Garou and Fera of the sept must turn outwards, to inspect the state of the domain. Understaffed for many years since the fall of the Sept of the Moon, the four counties have fallen on hard times.

Will you aid in their rebirth?

March 2017 Teaser

This Month on Werewolf: The Apocalypse! (3/18/2017)

A ritual call For help! An ancient evil awakens! A Sept renewed!

A week ago, the spirit world erupted in chaos, as an absolute gale of sparrow gafflings erupted out of Sonoma County, seeking out every shifter they could find. They all carried the same message: The Sept of Hurvasha is under seige, and needs able hands to defend her. Will you Answer the Call?


I mean, probably, since you're playing the game

Location will be at Ives hall, as per usual, and I intend to get there around 7, with game on at 8. Those who are late will be fed to the plot walrus, Charles*. Due to union rules, I cannot be fed to the plot walrus, so don't even try.