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VST: Tristan Turner

DC: Jon Grimmer

Domain: CA-058-D

Featured Game Date: July 2018 - 2nd Weekend -

1. Basic Information

1.1 This VSS is for the Werewolf: the Apocalypse game being hosted by the Unconquered Sun domain. It is to be hosted at Sonoma State University(SSU)in Ives Hall (room 44), at 7:00pm on the 3rd Saturday of the month.


Sonoma State University

1801 E Cotati Ave

Rohnert Park, CA 94928 USA

2. Styles of Play:

2.1 Overall Game Emphasis:

The game will be predominantly PvE, split between mental (uncovering mysteries, solving puzzles, finding the source of problems in the county) and physical (Punching those problems until they go away, chasing them down when they run and feasting on their delicious problem juices). While social play is certainly a possibility, it will not be the focus. Interpersonal conflicts will define and color problems, not become them.

2.2 Individual Game Components (1-10)

  • Action: 9. It’s Werewolf. The game with ten foot tall regenerating murder-beasts as the player characters. There will be action, there will be fighting.
  • Character Development: 5. While character development is expected and encouraged, are not mandatory
  • Darkness: 6. The game will contain enemies designed to make you scared, to make you sick, to make you angry. All so that when you overcome them, you feel good.
  • Drama: 4. Garou society is a society of ritual and great celebrations. But these rituals and celebrations happen in their time, in their space.
  • Intrigue: 3. There are NPCs with agendas, and benefits to be found in supporting them, but this will not be a major focus of the game.
  • Manners: 3 or 6. Garou society makes social pressure into physical pressure. While it is not my intent to turn this into a high court game, I do want to emphasize the way that garou govern themselves, and adjudicate problems. I want challenges, and stare downs, and I don’t want every disagreement to turn into a century long war of long knives. Garou fight when they disagree, and if they disagree again they fight again. But crucially, this usually doesn’t mean they’re enemies.
  • Mystery: 8. What good would action be if it was standing right in the open, waving a sign and yodelling for you?
  • PC Death: 4. I am not going to go out of my way to kill PCs. But the game wouldn’t be scary and toothy if the challenges didn’t have a non-zero chance of killing you.
  • Pacing: 6. My hope is to make the game relatively snappy, with individual plots taking a game or two to resolve, arcing into larger plots.

3. Venue description

3.1 Mood:

Blood-Stained, White Knuckled Hope

3.2 Themes:

The Apocalypse comes in Pieces:

The Apocalypse won’t come with a giant fiery bird blotting out the sun -- at least if it does, it’s above my pay grade to do it. No, the Apocalypse will come when every car in the county is rolling coal, when the only people living here are those that can’t afford to move out, when the water is undrinkable and the food isn’t just suspect, but convicted. Expect the problems you face to be much more down to earth, much more immediate. But don’t fool yourself into thinking they’re less dangerous than the firebird.


If I wanted to run a game about everything being terrible forever, I’d run a different game. Werewolf explicitly gives the PCs a great deal agency in affecting their world; it would be disingenuous of me to deny PCs that power because I wanted them to suffer a bit more. Expect catharsis -- no problem should be without pay off.

4. Storytelling mechanics

4.2 Proxy rules

All proxy scenes (interactions that take place ostensibly in the domain) must be CC’ed to the VST. Any mechanics rulings will be handled on Sunday of each week, along with any downtimes submitted that week.

4.3 Travel Risks

The physical domain is not terribly dangerous. The 101 can smell your fear, but the worst it can do is double your travel time. The worst danger you may find is a deer will run in front of your car. The spirit-side of the domain is wild, untamed, and full of secret-hungry redwood trees that will trade their knowledge for a pound (or five) of flesh. Be so warned.

4.4 Experience Guidelines

As the game will be occurring once a month, all players in attendance will earn the maximum permitted XP per month (10xp) . Downtimes are worth half maximum