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Lynx lynx2.jpg

Name: Kit Mason

Deedname: ICE-BR34KR

Fera Type: Bastet, Qualmi

Rank: Fostern

Breed: Homid

Auspice: Twilight (Philodox)

Titles: Truthcatcher and Guardian of The Last Bastion of Light's Keep

Notable Traits: Bitten, almost always wears clothing to conceal his features, and very visually appealing when he's not covering his face (Appearance Focus).

Pack: Spirit Sentai

Sept: The Last Bastion of Light's Keep


Gender: Male [He/His/Him]

Apparent Age: 25

Actual Age: 29

Height: 6'1"

Hair: Long, red, curly, often worn in a ponytail.

Eyes: Hazel

Build: Strong, Athletic

Sokto Form: A larger and more powerful form, his hair shifting from red to orange with black markings, a set of thin whiskers on his face, and somehow seeming even more attractive than his normal form.

Crinos Form: A great were-cat with the same orange mottled fur as his more cat-like forms, looking to be the embodiment of feline grace and destructive power.

Chatro Form: A much larger version of his Feline form, with elongated fangs and frighteningly-sharp claws. Not to mention coated in muscle and at least five feet tall at the shoulder.

Feline Form: A lynx with orange mottled fur, and seeming to have an eternal "Done with your shit" expression on his face.


  • Master of computers.
  • Works with the local police force.
  • Hardly ever reveals his homid face.
  • Plays games online under the username of MeowerPower.


  • March 1990, born in the USA.
  • September 2006, Kit undergoes his First Change after being Bitten.
  • September 2008, goes to University to work on a programming qualification.
  • June 2009, graduates University with Honours.
  • January 2010, starts own programming company working on independent games and self projects called ShadowCat Software.
  • May 2012, begins to work for the police as a cyber-security consultant and counter-hacker, all freelance.
  • October 2014, meets Erin Murray at a precinct Halloween party, becomes friends with her and puts his skills towards helping her cases.
  • May 2018, meets Dippy via playing Neverwinter online, befriends her and helps upgrade her computer from a distance.
  • April 2019, Kit arrives at Light’s Keep.


  • Only rumours exist about where he calls home, and none have ever been invited there. (Inaccessible)


  • He was meant to First Change as a Garou, and the Glasswalkers were highly interested in his fascination with tech. Instead, he's seen as wasted potential, and he's determined to prove that wrong.
  • Officer Meow Meow of the Meow Cyber Patrol.
  • Such a sweet angel.
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  • Miracle of Sound - Digital Shadow
  • Sugarcult - Bouncing Off The Walls
  • Miracle of Sound - Numbers
  • Miracle of Sound - Higher Tonight
  • The Offspring - Want You Bad
  • Miracle of Sound - Binary Divide
  • Korine - Captive
  • Freezepop - Less Talk More Rokk
  • Muse - Knights of Cydonia
  • Korn - Y'all Want A Single
  • Afrojack - Unstoppable Extended Mix
  • Aviators - Signed on for a Sequel
  • Aviators - Losing Control
  • Miracle of Sound - Man and Machine
  • Alestorm - Fucked With An Anchor
  • Castlevania - Bloody Tears (Metal version)


Player: Drakka

Story Teller: None - Character retired

Coordinator: Josie R

Location: OOC Tradewinds, IRC (England).