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Name: Iakov Sedeyushchiy
Aliases:Dirty Rat
Deed Names: Pisk Yarost/Rage Squeek
Tribe: Ratkin
Breed: Homid
Auspice: Warrior
Rank: Elder
Position: None
Notable Traits: Good looking man, around 35 in appearance, with dark blond hair and blue eyes.


Iakov is a career criminal with a love of drinking and card playing, always interested in a buck or interesting bit of resources. He was born is Soviet Russia in 1970, born to a poor working family. He is boorish and unrefined, though loyal to his friends. He has issues with legal authority.

As kinfolk, Iakov became used to rats at a very young age, as well as to the ways of the Ratkin. He worked grey market jobs until his early teens, then working as a smuggler and courier for small and medium crooks into his late teens.

In 1987, with border not yet relaxed to the rest of the world, Iakov was picked up the Soviet authorities attempting to smuggle contraband from Europe into the country and he was arrested and detained. Unfortunately, deep government corruption on the border and back alley deals ended with Iakov essentially sold to as a lab specimen. It was figured that no one would one more small time crook. The testing facility kept Iakov for over a year before it was eventually attacked and destroyed by Garou or Fera, as its experiments bore a strong wyrm taint. Iakov escaped along with many of the animal research subject, and was able to link up with Ratkin. Shortly after his escape, he fell ill and was subjected to the birthing plague.


OOC Knowledge unless your PC was part of these events.

Да, я крыса.
1970: Born in Moscow, Russia.
  • 1987: Captured by wyrmy science lab and subjected to experimentation
  • 1988: Escape/Rescue
  • 1989: First Change
  • 1999: Iakov and other Russian Ratkin attacked and destroyed the lair of Баба-яга, helping destroy the defenses to bring down the vampire and help end the Shadow Curtain.
  • 2000: Ended up in America with Vaciliy. "No Vaciliy, this ship is not going to the US. Is just going to come close. Then we must get the rest of the way ourselves. Yes... 15 miles. Yes of course I have a boat. You can handle oars, yes?"
  • 20??: Works with Skin to eliminate a “corporate retreat” of Pentex employees and executives.
  • 2006: Meets Motherboard Murder (Alex Henning-Pavkov) while on a job, and kindles a strong friendship with the Corax Hacker. After that, they get together whenever they are in the same place, and he calls her when he needs her 'leet skillz'.
  • 2007 Works with Aiden “Impulse Control” D’Arcy (Peter Camche) and Hereandthere to smuggle some hardware for the Fianna Ragabash to carry out a mission.
  • 2007 Meets with Katherine to conduct business in Chicago
  • 2009: Iakov meets Amy (Miranda Allison-Rosenblum) while doing a job in Atlanta. The sly rat plies the chatty bird with dinner and cash in exchange for information about the local layout, to see where he can unload some illicit goods.
  • 2010: Meets Marilyn Jean Blair while working on taking care of some Wyrmy trouble. This encounter causes Iakov to strongly consider changing his name to "Danger"
  • 2011: Started relationship with Maddie.
    • Late in 2011, Maddie gained the interest of a Toreador vampire. Iakov took it upon himself to take care of that vampire, before it could harm his friend.
  • 2014: Forms a Pack with Nizhoni Ward, Vacili, and Rusty. “Cold War”, dedicated to Clashing Boom Boom. Iakov’s bid to have the pack be named “The Boom Boom Room” was voted down.
  • 2015: Attends the wedding of Jo and Vera with Motherboard Murder
  • 2016: Relationship with Maddie end, but on good terms
  • 2016, February 2: Meets Sylvi Anker and Alex while attempting to assassinate a single BSD, escaping from a trap set by the Wyrm servant thanks to the help of the kinfolk and the Garou.
  • 2017, February: Gathers with other packs in Des Moines, Iowa. They talk of forming a new sept.
  • 2017, March: Travels to Atlanta, and helps clear the very hostile periphery for a new sept, and was very pleased when the caern was dedicated to Rat.
  • 2017, August: Wins a challenge to become Den Parent of the Sept of Storms Rest.
  • 2018, January: Challenges and wins the rank of Adren
  • 2018, April: Is challenged for Den Parent by Roaring V8, and elects not to defend his position.
  • 2018, June: Attends the wedding of a Fianna Kinfolk and a Fae Princess with Smooth Operator, and has a pretty wonderful time, despite the whole "thrown into Malfeas" thing. At least he was in good company.
  • 2018, October: Asks Uktenna what would happen if he and Jan have a child. "Yes, which move set would it inherit?"
  • 2018, November: Steals the Caern Seed of Kansas City from the BSD who had stolen it first, passing it to a Corax like a hot potato to pass back to the garou.
  • 2019, February: Goes to visit Rat with Smoother Operator, Unchains the Wyld, Trade Secrets, and others.
  • 2019, March: Challenges the Councilor of the Bone Gnawers over the right to authorize visits to Mother Rat.
  • 2019, March: Finally finishes his challenge for Athro
  • 2019, December: The Cold War pack disbands.
  • 2020, February: Iakov joins Espionage.
  • 2020, May: Iakov becomes an Elder
  • 2020 Jankov made their marriage legal on July 18, 2020.
  • Smooth Operator and Iakov had seven children over the next several years:
    • Ivan, a kinfolk
    • Sophie and Sebastian, fraternal twins born under the crescent moon. One became a Bone Gnawer Theurge and the other a Ratkin seer
    • Alexander, who grew up to be a Glass Walker Ragabash
    • Ana, a Glass Walker Theurge
    • Leo, a kinfolk
    • Elena, a Glass Walker Ahroun

Люди, которые я знаю/People I Know





  • Iakov is a commie, trying to drag down democracy and rebuild the Soviet state.
  • He's not really Russian, he's Georgian. I mean, look at how much Georgian wine he drinkes.
    • No, he's Russian, Georgian wine is just the best wine.
      • No' he's Lithuanian by birth, raised by his paternal grandfather, a fisherman.
  • He is Russia's first KGB Fera operative.
  • Rumor here.


Материал я сказал/Stuff I said

  • "Squeak!" - Any time a howl goes up.
  • "Very well, we will ask Borken Furry." - Iakov, using his accent to disguise mocking.
  • "I think the world might be ready for Pichu. But am I?" - Iakov musing to himself.

Вещи Вы сказали/Stuff you said

  • "There is a catch or be caught element about him that makes me desire to remove him from the villainy and scum he has come to know. But it is naievity not to know that it is of his own design, and he would be the same creature outside of his environment. What an odd friend he is..." - Sylvi Anker
  • "He has always treated me with a certain respect, despite my child-like appearance when he and I first met. I'm not sure if Dyadya Iakov is a beneficial influence or a corrupt one, but one thing he will never be is boring." - Tenebrous Harmony
  • "No better partner in making things that are in one place no longer be in that place. He may look rather drab, but he has the best pockets!" - Hereandthere
  • "We go back a bit, and though we may have fallen out of touch for a while, getting to reconnect is something I'm glad we got around to. He understands the conflict that the Garou and Fera face with working together now, and has the wisdom to see where things will have to shift and be made to work on both sides. Knowing I can rely on him is one of those comforts that's hard to put into words." - Madison Walsh
  • "I find him funny. I enjoy his company. He also swears that his wine is best... And, I agree." - Elizabeth Tvarivich
  • "I like this 'Dirty Rat', we did good work together. Still, you ever wonder what he's hiding under that coat?" Faster than traffic
    • "Wine. I am hiding wine."
  • "You know... I haven't really seen Iakov upset before. Until someone spilled his wine..." - Elizabeth Tvarivich
  • "It is mighty impressive, the size of his pockets!” - Smooth Operator
  • "I wasn’t really looking for anything when Iakov crossed my path. But I was immediately intrigued. He is funny and unassuming, oh so handsome, and I took a chance. Gaia, did we both luck out! He’s such great company and open for adventures and we have such compatible temperaments. We are a good team. I have a big heart and it’s full of love for him. I choose you every time, my love.” - January Fairbanks
    • "Hyperbeam!" - Iakov

OOC Information

An Arrow for you

Player: Nate T

Player Email: lightning1403@gmail.com

Storyteller: Dennis Martin

Storyteller Email: dsm.apoc@gmail.com





  • Iakov
  • Smooth Operator
  • Cold War


  • Infiltration and perimeter breaching skill is a must for Ratkin. Being small and quiet is excellent for getting close to a target.
  • As a member of the criminal element, connections with other members have been developed over time.
  • Strong archery and throwing skills deliver the Wylds wrath upon Gaia's enemies.
  • Unending pockets, and the forethought to fill them with gear.
  • Money.

An Arrow for you

Art by Tobias Gurl