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Known to the Nation


Name: Ian MacNamara

Deed Names: "Justice-for-All"

Rank: Adren (3)

Breed: Homid

Auspice: Philodox

Tribe: Bone Gnawers

Camp: The Hood

Pack: None

Society: Concordat of Stars

Sept: Sept of Reborn Dreams, San Francisco CA

Position: Truthcatcher


Ian MacNamara is a good-spirited defender of the downtrodden who is never afraid to stand for what is just and is unable to stay down. Born to civically minded Bone Gnawers in Berkeley, "Justice-for-All" has developed a reputation for integrity and humility in his dealings with the Fera. Among the first wave of kinfolk to be Bitten, Ian asked for the responsibility when he felt he could do more as a Garou than as kin alone. Though he distances himself from Garou spirtuality, he is a champion of Mother Rat's notion of charity and compassion, and is quick to offer simple food and a safe resting place to those in need.

Physical Characteristics

Ian typically prefers to stay in his Homid form, and dresses comfortably, but never shabbily. With a well groomed beard and a friendly expression, he is never seen without two necklaces. The first is a small golden rat on a chain, the second a pair of rings on a leather strap.


  • 1986: Born as the third of four children to Janet and Peter MacNamara in Berkeley, CA under a Galliard moon. The MacNamaras are an extended family of Bone Gnawers and Fianna who are predominately Galliards and Philodoxes devoted to social justice, and Ian takes to it readily as he grows up.
  • 1992: Ian is first introduced to Liana Cassadine, a Black Fury Philodox from Monterey and her family. The Cassadines and MacNamaras are close families, and Liana instantly takes a shine to the bright, charming boy.
  • 2012: Ian goes to Tulane University to study criminal law with the hopes of becoming a public defender.
  • 2014: Lobbies his cousin to apply the Bite for several months before successfully convincing her to go through with it. Ian changes as a Bitten, becoming a Philodox.
  • 2014: Ian's Rite of Passage is a mock trial in which he defends a hypothetical Fera of five different breeds accused of crimes before a panel of three Philodoxes. He succeeds in defending four of the charges, and is given the deed name of "Justice-for-All" as a result.
  • 2016: Ian's Fostern Challenge is to decide the fate of a Ratkin who swore to the Nation and was found abusing access to a caern heart. He rules that the Ratkin is guilty, and the Sept Leader, harboring a deep seated mistrust of the Ratkin, sentences death. Ian is racked with guilt, and swears to honor Mama Rat by living humbly and considering more carefully his impact.
  • 2018: Ian's Adren Challenge is conspicuously not discussed. It is known that he went back to Louisiana at the request of an Elder of the tribe, and when he came back, was recognized as an Adren. It is assumed that the challenge had something to do with the Fera given that after its completion, the Philodox was recognized as a friend to the Gurahl. (Fera Affinity: Gurahl)
  • 2019: Moved to Sept of Reborn Dreams after being asked to come back by Howls-from-Beyond-Tomorrow. Becomes Truthcatcher when the Red Talon leaves the sept in the care of Stormborn.
  • September 2019: Went to the aid of Anh Lai Far-Traveler in the woods near Buffalo, and journeyed to the temple of the Akashic Record, where he died.
  • October 2019: Announced to the Back Channel that he was alive, having confirmed his own death.


  • The rings that Ian carries are trinkets from the Ratkin who was killed as a result of his judgement.
    • The rings are actually the wedding rings of his parents.
      • The rings are *actually* just something he thought looked neat.
  • Ian can conjure food out of thin air.
  • The vegetarian thing is an act, and Ian goes out to eat KBBQ every night.

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