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Idir of Reggio

  • Embrace date: 1039 CE
  • Generation: 5th Generation
  • Clan: Brujah
  • Sire: Antonius, diablerized during the Anarch Revolt by Idir.
  • Sect Affiliation: Sabbat
  • Current Location: Unknown
  • ST Point of Contact:Karl Fox - Lineage Project

Physical Description

Idir is a dashing figure with dark skin, light hazel eyes, sharp features, and a well-muscled frame. He is usually dressed in the prevailing fashions of the region he is in, including grooming his hair and beard to keep with the most popular styles.

Brief History

Idir was an outcast before he even reached adulthood, the child of a Moorish woman who fled her family in Muslim Sicily and a Lombard father from Southern Italy. He fell in with rough circles, which turned out well when the Lombards revolted against Byzantine control in the early 11th Century and employed local miscreants and mercenaries to bolster their ranks. Idir was first ghouled by Antonius to serve as eyes and ears against Ventrue influence coming from their Norman pawns, but when the fighting and politicking dragged on with no clear winner, Antonius opted to cut his losses. He withdrew from the fight but Embraced Idir, having been impressed by his skill and prowess. Idir never forgave Antonius for ordering him away from the fight that had defined his life, and when the Anarch Revolt began in 1391 CE, he sided with Tyler and the rest of the Anarch rebels. After Tyler’s successes, Idir and a collection of Assamites and Lasombra managed to corner Antonius in Western Europe where he drank the heart’s blood of his Sire. In return, he participated in Gratiano’s attack on Lasombra, and is rumored to have been involved in other attempts of childer diablerizing their elders. When the Anarch Revolt ended, Idir felt betrayed by Tyler and his Clan, who opted to accept the authority of the Camarilla, and joined Vykos, Gratiano, and others in what would become the Sabbat. However, Idir’s resentment only grew as the Brujah’s role in the Sabbat was marginalized compared to that of the Lasombra and Tzmisce. With the recent near-destruction of the Sect and its rescue by the efforts of Regent Temoch, Idir and his lineage have become more active.

Current Status

Idir is rumored to head a pack consisting of mostly Brujah and Gangrel who operate out of northern Mexico called “L'ultima Cena” (“The Last Supper” in Italian).

Known Childer


Lineage Criteria

Time Frame for Embraces:

  • 1396 CE to 1700 CE


  • PC Sects/Factions: Any
  • Path: Any. (Sabbat favor Power and the Inner Voice).
  • Skills: Any two of the following at 3+: Brawl, Dodge, Leadership, Lore, or Melee.
  • Special: Childer of Idir in the Sabbat would be universally considered Iconoclasts, so far as the Antitribu participate in that Clan delineation given their behavior and outlook. He expects them to support him and his “Clan goals” of the Brujah Antitribu gaining more power in the Sect. Childer of Idir who are in the Sabbat tend to try and hold leadership positions as much as able, but are opportunists when it comes to their political affiliations.
  • Flaw: Childer of Idir who are members of the Anarch Movement or Camarilla have turned their back on their Sire, which presents him with an interesting dichotomy considering his own past. His preference is that they return to his Side, but will not hesitate to destroy them if he sees them as a threat rather than a tool for power. Accordingly those outside the Sabbat must take one or more of the following Flaws: Escaped Shovelhead (Anarch), Dubious Loyalties (Anarch), Tainted Embrace (Camarilla), or Notoriety (Any).


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