Iggy Danger St. Cuthbert

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“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” ― Plato
Iggy Danger St. Cuthbert
I want to rock !!! - Dee Snyder

Personal Information

Full Name: Ignatius Danger St. Cuthbert
Date of Birth: 1953
Embrace: 1994
Apparent Age: Forties
Bloodline: Sons of Discord
Sect: Anarch Movement
Class: Neonate
County: Sonoma, CA


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RP Hooks

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Allies and Enemies

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Iggy St. Cuthbert grew up in London's West End in the 1950s.

Originally a part of the pop scene in the 1960s, Iggy soon found that the genre did not match his style or temperament. He discovered the punk scene and helped found "The Fekking Idiots" in the early 1970's.

Within a few years he joined the band "Scylla", who soon rocketed to to international stardom. He helped pioneer the heavy metal scene alongside other rock contemporaries such as Black Sabbath, and AC/DC.

Iggy has a boisterous, fun-loving personality. His passions reflect the stereotypical motto of the 70's, 'Sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Before his well=publicized death, he was famous for his wild, decadent parties. Generally friendly, he has a big problem with authority and being ordered around. He loves to brawl with anyone who infringes on his freedom.

He has a penchant for singing along aloud to the music in his head.

Basic Timeline:

1953- Ignatius Danger St. Cuthbert was born in London, England.

1969- Iggy joins his first band, The Electric Koolaid Experience. They break up that year.

1970- His band, The Fekking Idiots, becomes a hot in the underground punk scene.

1972- Iggy joins the heavy metal rock band, Scylla. Titanium Records signs the band to their label and Scylla releases their first album, ‘A Hard Place’, later that year.

1974- Scylla goes on to become one of the premier rock bands of the day, catapulting it’s members into international stardom.

1982- Scylla breaks up due to artistic differences and Iggy’s drug-related problem behavior. He releases several moderately successful solo albums throughout the eighties and early nineties.

1994- Iggy is embraced by his Anarch sire while dying of a heroin overdose. His sire helps fake his death.

1995- Scylla is inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

2010- Iggy travels the US with a Scylla cover band, under the name Todd Thompson.

2018- Iggy St. Cuthbert decides to settle down in Sonoma.

  Pieces of Life

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Rumors, Truths, and Lies


Iggy's 'lost' album, "Chasing the Dragon's Tail" was actually written some time after his 'death'.




Player: Rob Mueller
VST: ST Info.

Iggy Danger St. Cuthbert

Bloodline: Sons of Discord
Sect: Anarch Movement
Domain: Sonoma, CA
Player: Rob Mueller

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