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Commonly Known Information

Name: Elder Ilythia L'ange Du Val
Notable Traits: Known as 'The White Queen', Ilythia is known to prefer to wear white and favor it on her pets. She has been mistaken for a Toreador due to how sociable she seems at gatherings, it is simply her French origins. Aura's of Cold and Dread surround her, helping to remind other kindred that the Elder Crusader is rumored to have committed genocide. On the eve that she received the news that Luminary Elder Desmond Aldred was murdered her eyes turned to a cold glowing blue... just like her Sire's had been.
Society: Camarilla
Status (Abiding) Elder - Confirmed - Established- Privileged
Status (Fleeting) Sanctioned - Acclaimed - Loyal - Honorable by Purissimma Giess
Clan: Ventrue (Crusader)
Dignitas: Admired (Ventrue Clan Only Knowledge. Approved 10/26/2017.)
Title or Position: Head of House Du Val, Knight of the Blood, (Ventrue Only) Preator of Macon


Born 563 A.D., Embraced 800 A.D.


Ilythia was the youngest and only female child of her Sire. Raised from birth to be the perfect Lady, perfect ghoul, and then the perfect devoted and loyal childe. For the first several hundred years of her life she was never far from her Sire, the proverbial leash kept short and his attention sharply, jealousy on her. It was not until the first Anarch revolt that Ilythia stepped into the spot light of the Crusader bloodline. As her Sire voiced his intent to side with the Camarilla his older childer rebelled against him, the infighting of the House was said to be brutal and devastating ending in final death of Ilythia's older broodmates. A demise she openly admits to facilitating. Ilythia continued to be seen at her Sire's side until a decade later amid rumors of her Sire's insanity and paranoia another devastating battle swept through the House and in one blood filled night consumed in flames the House of Elder Aquila Livius crumbled.

From the ashes Ilythia arouse grief stricken, changed, brutal, determined, and forever wrapped in auras of icy cold and dread. The House was re-named Du Val with Ilythia firmly holding it's reigns as she set her sons, ghouls, and armys to work securing the supremacy of Clan Ventrue and the Camarilla. Any mention of her Sire's name stricken from the House's histories and members forbiden to speak his name in her presance. Ilythia joined the Knights of Blood and has been a member since their founding. Through the years Ilythia has been adamant about maintaining a neutral balance within the Clan, her House supporting and working with the other Houses for the betterment of the Clan. The Du Val's embrace the fact that they are of the Crusader bloodline and enjoy the social 'stigma' that comes with it. More than happy to get their hands dirty so that the 'bluebloods' don't have to.

It is also a known fact that Ilythia was present at both the Treaty of Tyre in 1496 and The Promise in 1528.

Early in the 1700s a darker change was seen in Ilythia, the whispered rumors of depravity and sadism became more prominent, and by the early 1800s it was clear that the Matron of House Du Val was loosing the battle to keep herself away from wassail. In 1824 Ilythia's vassal Cassamir was able to talk her into entering torpor in order to rest and heal her weary soul, where she has remained until January 2017.

No one is exactly sure what has finally been deemed important enough for her House to implore her to rise from torpor but already the Elder Crusader is not wasting time setting her House to task. The Elder herself is said to have entered an area previously obliterated of supernatural pressance by Hunters with a large contingent of her bloodline.


  • Ilythia murdered her Sire in cold blood to take over the House.
  • Ilythia had an illicit love affair with an Elder of an enemy clan/faction.
  • Ilythia hosts sadistic Roman style orgies.
  • Ilythia has close enough ties to the Assamite Clan that they were trusted in the protection of her torpored body when it was transported from France to America.
  • Ilythia "raised" two different individuals who were later embraced by 5th gen Sires.
  • Ilythia wears two rings on her right hand with black stones made from the ashes of her Sire and Broodmates. Supposedly made for her by a member of the Giovanni Clan.
  • House Du Val is rumored to be hedging its bets, in the event the Blood Accords are not maintained, by having family on both sides of the conflict.
  • A djinn owes her one more wish.


  • "I will give you many gifts and many woes and in return you will give me everything you are." Ilythia to Pau the night they met.
  • "Both history and I have forgotten the names of the children of my womb. My true legacy lies with the sons of my blood, each a perfectly exquisit monstrosity." Ilythia to another Elder.
  • "Yes Domina..." Luciana Santora DuVal
  • "The Domina is kinder than most know. She is merciful. - Dr. David Archer
  • "The transition between mortal woman and Ventrue was certainly the defining test of my existence. One's family is their greatest treasure, and I am blessed indeed in that regard, but it was not until I spent time with Elder Ilythia that I found full confidence that I had passed that test to my own satisfaction. I won't forget the polish she gave my Agoge, as the night I fail to be grateful for it is the night my blood should be reclaimed." - Dottie Youngblood
  • "The White Queen? Did you not know there is strength in a Swan's wing to break a man's arm? If you are ever invited to a Nuit Blanche, say yes." -Cornelia Mowebary
  • "I am freed. Thank you." - Roman
  • "I am proud to serve my Lady, Domina Ilythia. Her success is my own." - Manfred Townsend
  • "Like, what year is it, a Crusader? Like, all King Richard the Lionhearted or something like that? What is like even happening right now?" - Karma
  • "A glacier seems not to be moving, but changes the face of mountains of stone." - Manfred Townsend
  • "Take a knee as befits a Crusader, do not forget the duty our bloodline provides to the true line of Ventrue, a duty we have performed since the first anarch revolt and the forming of the Camarilla when others of our bloodline turned their backs on the Clan. Know that taking a knee before a Lord you choose to serve is honorable and does not make you less of a King but an even greater one. For you know humility and duty, placing it before pride and ego." Said to Tavish Du Val by Ilythia.
  • "She wears armor of blood and blade. What the idle observer overlooks is that as many blades point in as out, and the blood is equally hers as her foes.” - Gaius Aquillius
  • "A Lady of extraordinary wisdom and clarity of perception. It is my priviladge to have spoken to her and my honour to carry her favour.” - Myrium_Oswald

Lineage - House Du Val

  • Ventrue {3rd gen NPC}
  • Alexander {4th gen NPC}
  • Fabrizio Ulfila {5th gen NPC}
  • Name Stricken from History {6th gen NPC deceased} ((Ventrue Only pre First Anarch Revolt: Aquila Livius))
  • Ilythia L'ange Du Val embraced 800 A.D.



  • Catroina MacKenzie 1500 A.D.
  • Eleanore Laurent embraced 1605 A.D.
  • Mathias Hunt embraced 1687 A.D. (deceased)
  • Charles Du Val (deceased)
  • John James Sinclair 1931 A.D. {Sabbat, Unknown of to the House}
  • Viktor Arnold


Great Grandchilder:

Great Great Grandchilder:

Great Great Great Grandchilder:

Associations/Character Ties

Morgen Assisted Elder Du Val by providing information about mental illness in kindred long ago.
Your Name Description of tie to Elder DuVal.

OOC Information

Player: Pherell Archer
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Storyteller: Gene Linton
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Location: Macon, Georgia