Imperio Mavus

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Imperio Mavus

Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Imperio "Firewall" Mavus

Nickname: Rio

Notable Traits: Consistently wears black, circular lenses. Wears black feathers in his hair frequently. Never without some form of technology be it a smartphone or a laptop.

Pack: SquadGoals

Tribe/Breed: Corax - Homid

Camp: Grey Hats

Sept: Wayward Caern


It was supposed to be a happy day. Instead, on my 21st birthday everything got turned upside down. Everything I thought to be true wasn’t, and I lost the people closest to me. But now I think I understand a little better what it means to “fly the nest”.

Imperio was given up at birth in 1989, and taken into state custody as a newborn. His parents, from the very cursory research he’s conducted as an adult, were undocumented immigrants from a poorer region in Europe. He spent the formative years of his life moving from group home to group home until he “aged out” of the system at 18 given he had no special education requirements. During those years he was usually regarded as very quiet and aloof, and usually got picked on for being a “loner”. But give Imperio a computer, a phone or any other kind of digital device and his true talents came out.

It was this that got him noticed by his former hacking collective, known as “XIII” or “The Thirteen”. XIII was a Grey Hat collective of (unknown to Imperio) Garou and Fera who took on the world in order to help certain causes... either by teaching them how to beef up their data security, or by disrupting the networks - and usually bank accounts - of certain notorious corporations who generally worked against the causes that XIII held dear. But above all else, the head of the collective whose handle was “Apo11o”, or just “I” if they needed to be formal, had an odd inkling that Imperio (who took the handle “Mach1n4”, or “XIII”) was more than he seemed. He had a supernatural way with technology, almost as if he were connected to the Weaver somehow.

And so as time went on, the rest of the Collective observed and came to the conclusion that Imperio was one of “them”. He just hadn’t tapped into “those” powers yet because he had never been told, nor had he been educated on anything to do with the Garou or the Fera. So the date was set - June 13th, 2010, his 21st birthday, would be the date that all would be revealed and his “new” life would begin. But on that day, as Imperio was bringing back a round of coffee for the others, he’d see the one thing he’d been dreading for years. You see, XIII had been fighting against the Walker Corporation, an energy lobbying firm who’d been pushing heavily for the increased usage of fossil fuels. However, Walker was a front for something far more sinister, and XIII were about to uncover it and sound the alarm.

The building housing the collective had been set ablaze. The official reports suggested that it was an accident, but Imperio suspected arson. It wasn’t difficult - as he tried to escape, he was cornered by a crooked cop in the pocket of Walker Corp. As the cop’s gun was levelled at Imperio, the stress took over and suddenly he was flying through the air, away from the building, the city, and the danger he was in. Later that night, he found himself sitting on a rooftop knowing that he was something more - as he’d later find out, a Corax.

Over the past nine years, Imperio had built himself back up slowly but surely. He carried on XIII’s work, making contact with other Fera and helping them with their respective fights. Over the course of these years he was very much a Ronin, wandering and helping those that needed it. He was given some small degree of respect and learned the ways of his kind, eventually becoming a Fostern known as “Firewall”, a guardian against digital incursion by the Wyrm. But he still felt the loss of his former collective - the people who were effectively his pack - keenly as the day that he’d seen the building ablaze. But he couldn’t bring himself to join another pack - he didn’t want to get hurt again, not like that. So he kept to himself - until one day fate decided that he’d stumble upon the Wayward Caern. He’d been wounded trying to escape from some ne’er-do-wells and had been “winged”, crashing down in the Caern’s lands. Next thing he knew, he was waking up under the care of Dr. Jesse Santiago.

Since then, he’s stuck around and even allowed himself to be convinced to stay longer and be an actual part of the sept - but despite this, and despite the help he provides to the others, he still tends to keep to himself and has to be reminded (often by Jo) to be social. But secretly, he doesn’t want his new comrades to get hurt by his actions be they past, present or future, especially if he intends to carry on the work of his old pack and fight against the Wyrm in the digital world.


  • "They say he survived a purge and he's biding his time, waiting for the enemy to make a fatal mistake. Then he'll swoop."
  • "You wanna know about that? I suggest you go find the "Firewall". He'll know what you wanna know. For a price."
  • "Whatever you do, don't look into his eyes. They're damned freaky. There's a reason he wears glasses all the time."


  • "They who stand steadfast unto their convictions shall never count betrayal among their crimes, though all the World may call them villain. My path is unchanged, my creed sacrosanct. This I believe with all my heart." - Imperio Mavus to Jo Trevino upon joining the Wayward Caern.
  • "Welcome home little brother. - Josephine "Thundercat" Trevino

OOC Information

Player: Ryan Baldock

Player Email: Email Ryan

Location: Jackson, MI

Storyteller: Catherine "Kitty" Correa

Storyteller Email: Email Kitty