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Name: Inara Elwyn
Aliases: Jia Lin, Izumi Saito, Madame Sylva, Isabella Sylvestri da Firenze
Rank: Reiko (Athro)
Deed Name: Darkens the Luminous Path, Voice of Metztli
Camp: The Wheel
Tails: Kyubi (9)
Apparent Age: 25
True Age: 712 (USA-SW-WA-1703-037499)
Current Location: Anglesey, Wales
Sept: Sept of the Oak Vale


Kojin Form: In Kojin form, Inara appears to be a beautiful woman of indeterminate heritage and young but difficult-to-distinguish age, a strange agelessness about her features. Her frame is slim and shapely, her skin pale, and her features refined, with dark eyes and vibrantly red hair. She tends to favor attire reminiscent of some more tasteful club-wear, with a few more anachronistic touches thrown in, some mix between goth clubber and fortune teller.

Sambuhenge Form: In Sambuhenge, her hybrid form, Inara still appears mostly human, though the changes are noteworthy. Her hair turns black, streaked with the vibrant red it once had, a pair of vulpine ears appearing atop her head and a fan of tails spreading out behind her - once again, black and streaked in red, bearing white tips. Though her nails enlongate, they remain dull and useless as weapons.

Koto Form: Koto form is the Kitsune in her full glory, a black vulpine shape accented in white, streaked in red, walking upright and standing taller than a person with that same fan of tails spreading behind it. Nails finally grow into full claws, which rend with expert ease. This is a form of sublime beauty and wicked speed.

Juko Form: A massive fox with multiple tails, in this shape Inara stands as tall as a wolf, her form sleek and elegant.

Kyubi Form: In Kyubi form, Inara lacks the multiple tails that mark her other shapes, though her form is still sleek, with black fur and white markings. Otherwise, she resembles a normal fox completely.

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Apoc PC

Player: Allie Pitchford
Auspice: Doshi (Theurge)
Fera Type: Kitsune
Faction: None
Domain: Tradewinds

IC Email: Inara Elwyn

Character Information

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Inara Elwyn is a woman in search of knowledge, for knowledge is power, and the right whispered words can move mountains and topple empires. Unafraid of the risks of the sort of knowledge she seeks, she's willing to do whatever it takes to get what she wants, all in the name of serving the Emerald Mother.


Born in Florence, Italy, Inara's mother died in childbirth, leaving her aging father - Lorenzo Sylvestri - to raise her himself. During a trip to China, her father took ill, leaving Inara stranded in a foreign land. Despondent, she nearly succumbed to her depression and fear, until something triggered her First Change - a new Kitsune born that night. With the aid of the wandering Kitsune Mitsuki, Inara integrated herself into the Beast Courts and devoted herself to her new purpose as Doshi, gathering information, no matter how dark the source or perilous the path. When the Kitsune began to leave the Beast Courts in 2009, Inara went with them, returning to a West that was vastly changed from the world she left.


Age of Ruin

  • March 2nd, 1305 - Isabella Sylvestri is born in Florence, Italy. Her mother, Adriana Sylvestri, dies in childbirth. Her father, Lorenzo, never remarries. Isabella is his only child.
  • 1329 - Intent on bolstering his fortune, Lorenzo sets out to ply his wares in the Far East and to bring back silks and spices. He takes Isabella with him, as his health had begun to fail in recent years.
  • 1331 - Lorenzo falls ill in Khanbaliq, the capital of the Yuan Dynasty of China. Isabella bankrupts herself trying to restore him to health. When Lorenzo dies, Isabella is left distraught and undergoes her First Change shortly thereafter. She is found and introduced to the Beast Courts by Mitsuki.
  • 1332 - Having come to terms with her new role and purpose, Isabella - having taken the name Jia Lin among the Chinese - undergoes the Rite of the Crossroads. She chooses Thunder for her element, branding herself a Doshi. She devotes herself wholly to the role, a desire for knowledge kindled within her heart.
  • 1485 - Having become something of a gatherer of lore and information, as well as growing more adept at manipulation and subterfuge - as well as seduction - Jia Lin first encounters the drug Opium. Only able to afford the expensive drug due to the wealth she'd amassed over the last century and a half, she quickly became addicted to this substance.

Age of Sorrow

  • 1527 - Isabella, after nearly two centuries in China as Jia Lin, relocates to Japan at the request of her adoptive mother, Mitsuki, who had first brought her into the Beast Courts and even performed her Rite of the Crossroads. She settles there to act as an informant, while continuing her delving into lore and secret knowledge - though the subjects she begins to research grow darker and more fraught with danger.
  • 1543 - Isabella - having taken the name Izumi Saito in Japan - for the first time in too long, feels a strange sense of longing and nostalgia when a Chinese ship bearing Portuguese sailors arrives in Japan. Though a part of her longs to return to Italy, she knows that she cannot leave the Beast Courts, and so keeps her distance.
  • 1600 - The Tokugawa Shogunate begins, securing centuries of peace in Japan.
  • 1628 - The Shimabara Rebellion. Though she had been raised Catholic, Izumi had long ago shed her religion when she had become Kitsune and chosen the path of the Doshi. Having watched Christianity spread after its introduction by missionaries decades earlier, Isabella watched curiously as the uprising - initiated largely due to famine and overtaxation - was put down as a religious rebellion and Christianity outlawed in Japan, and foreign traders restricted to a single artificial island, forbidden from entering Japan proper.

Age of the Storm

  • 1866 - Isabella is present for the birth of Ava Douglas, watching in sorrow as the newborn girl's mother dies - another life taken to bring a new Kitsune into the world.
  • 1869 - Having weathered the Boshin War, Izumi watches a new Japan born from the turmoil, ushering in the western ideas and modernization of the Meiji period.
  • 1883 - Isabella performs the Rite of the Crossroads for Ava, and is proud when the young Kitsune chooses the Doshi path.

Age of the Weaver

  • 1940 - Having weathered the years, Izumi saw the country she’d called home for four centuries enter into an alliance with Germany and Italy. Standing apart from the extreme nationalism of the period, Izumi saw this for the dangerous turn that it was.
  • 1945 - The destruction wrought on Japan by the end of World War II horrifies even the jaded Izumi - knowing the power used to be tied to the Wyrm and its corruption.
  • 1988 - Izumi's daughter is born, a Shinjin that she names Tsukiko.
  • 1999 - Izumi (Isabella) continues her role as information-gatherer, having settled into a curio shop in modernized Tokyo. Her past mask of ‘seer’ transitions well into a modernized mystic and occult dabbler, a role she plays well.

Age of Apocalypse

  • 2001 - Anthelios returns in the sky, ushering in the new Age of Sorrow. Concerned, Izumi leaves Japan to head for mainland China to convene with old allies.
  • 2008 - The Gnostic Plague strikes even the Dragons Nests of the Beast Courts, and Izumi throws herself into finding a way to combat this strange spiritual plague, to no avail.
  • 2009 - Eager to see the rest of the world, Izumi leaves the Beast Courts alongside many of her kin, heading east to the United States.
  • 2016 - Isabella/Izumi settles in San Juan, Puerto Rico, opening a small occult/curio shop in the city.


Known Associates




Other Persons

Fallen Friends



  • "My magic can do a great many things..."


  • "All knowledge is worth having, and there's few I trust more than Isabella-chan to procure the more dubious information." - Mitsuki
  • "Izumi and I, we have a long history of 'almosts'. She almost killed me when first we met. She almost brought me back from the chasm of darkness drawing me in, and I almost broke her heart when another succeeded where she failed. Almost, I could have loved her differently than I do, but fate has a way of making more and less of events, to suit its needs. So it is with my Izumi and her Arata. I can say one thing with certainty...few are the children of Bai Mianxi who understand me as she does." - Grace of Heaven
  • "She is far wiser than one would suspect upon looking at her - likely a sign of the years that she's lived that aren't written on her face. I like her well enough, but I can't seem to shake the feeling that she's silently laughing at me." - Tenebrous Harmony
  • "I hate her." - Katie Roman
  • "Seems nice enough. And at least I didn't have to explain to her how to mark territory." - Anton "Guards-The-Door" Rourke
  • "An honourable Elder of my kind. Her methods may not be orthodox, and she may be an exception to many rules. But since when was progress made by strict adherence to rules all the time? I like her, and I believe this is the start of a blossoming friendship." - Akechi Kaito


  • She's far older than she appears to be. So what if European Kitsune are a relatively new thing?
  • Her soul is tainted by the Wyrm - a price paid for all that knowledge she hoards.
  • She can speak the Wyrm's foul tongue. Gaia only knows where she learned it...or what she gave up for the ability.
  • Blackened fingertips come from reaching into fire and coming back burned.
    • You'd think it would've healed.
      • Guess that means she keeps doing it.
  • Her sword eats the souls of those it's slain


  • West - Emerald City
  • Madame Xanadu - Demon Knights
  • Lady Kikyo - Inuyasha
  • Jessica Jones - Marvel's Jessica Jones


Out of Character

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  • Whatever! ^_^

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