Incursion Protocol

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The Details

Name: Jackson Winters
Deed Name: Incusrsion Protocol
Tribe: Glass Walkers
Auspice: Ragabash
Rank: Fostern
Pack: Harper's Legacy

Known to the Nation

Incursion Protocol was once a keen eyed, energetic, happy warrior. He was cool and calm and strove to find the perfect balance between cocky assassin and energetic, questioning Ragabash.

However, that all changed after a horrible mistake led to the deaths of numerous Garou while fighting a holding action as the warriors of Gaia sought to escape Manhattan. After the dust had settled and the butcher's bill was there to be seen by all, the weight of the Truthcatcher fell upon him, marking him as Disgraced among the warriors of the nation.

Reunited with his brothers in the pack of Harper's Shadow, he works every day to redeem himself in the eyes of the nation and in the eyes of Gaia herself. He is still sure of himself, but gone is the cockiness of old. So too is gone any semblance of a sense of humor about things as he constantly fights his own battle with regret and Harano.

Notable Traits

  • Fallen Hero
  • Disgraced Moniker

Public Timeline

  • 1980 – Jackson Winters is Born
  • 1997 – First Change occurs after a spending much of his time pre-change training to be a top-tier sniper. Already, through his family ties (though not being of the blood of the house) he is associated with Hastings, Inc.
  • 1998 – Jackson joins a Blackwater USA-esque security firm.
  • 2001 – After 9/11, he uses his contacts and obvious ability to start a second life as a contract killer. He uses this both as a way to train himself in infiltration and high-pressure assassination
  • 2005 – Founding member of “Harper's Shadow.”
  • 2006 – Incursion Protocol is first brought in on a job for Rayne Inc International Security Enterprises as an independent contractor.
  • 2007 – He joins the Sept on the Green in NYC
  • 2009 – Sept on the Green falls.
  • 2010 – Rejoins Harper's Shadow, settles into life in Western New York.
  • 2012 - Is in Mount Morris, NY for the planting of the Caern Seed for the Sept of the Burning Heart.
  • 2013 – Works security during the peace talks with the Fera.
  • 2014 – Takes part in the Battle of Siamese Pond

Known Associates

Rumors & Scuttlebutt

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Wagging Tongues


OOC Stuff

Player: Brian M. Gang

Player Email: Email Me

Storyteller: Kris Pitman Storyteller Email: Email Kris P

Location: Buffalo, NY