Independent Alliance of Houston

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A domain of the Region of Burning Waters

City Government

Accredited Members of the City of Houston

Followers of Set


Independent Temple Adherents

Honored Guests


1. The land designated as belonging to the Followers of Set, the Giovanni, and the Independent Alliance are all lands of the Independent Alliance. All of these laws hold sway in all of those territories.
2. No Kindred who is not a member of the IA, the Temple of the Lotus Eaters, or an Honored Guest may tread on IA territory. The Hatchet has full authority to deal with such interlopers as he pleases, except in instances of a preexisting contract or alliance. Members of such allied or contracted groups will be brought before the Doyen.
3. The following territories are recognized and respected as independently sovereign by the IA:

  • The territory of Gascoine the Elder - specified as the club Numbers. Non-IA Kindred wishing to access this club are granted safe passage on the road of Westheimer, exclusively.
  • The territory of Dar Adan, Assamite - specified as the area surrounding the Holocaust Museum
  • The territory of Prince Irma Kardos as delineated on the map of the city

4. The following are designated as Sacred Spaces:

  • The Temple of the Lotus Eaters
  • The personal temple of Jaxon the Viper, known as the Church of Iron
  • The personal temple of Paddy Murphy, known as the Magick Cauldron

5. Members of the Independent Alliance who are not residents of Houston are requested to send notice of intent to visit to the Doyen.
6. The Masquerade shall be maintained at all times.

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