Indigo Belgrade

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Indigo Belgrade

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Clan: Toreador
Lineage: None
Sect: Camarilla
Class: Neonate
Titles: None
Player: Luca W.
Domain: Boston, MA
VST: Aaron V.

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Description and Notable Traits


Indigo is a young, androgynous kindred whose gender presentation is fluid from day to day. She keeps her hair short and swept back, and favors black clothing in ruffled, flamboyant styles. Her hands are always fully bedecked in rings, both antiques and of her own making). Her eyes are a striking red, inherited from her sire upon her embrace, and would be an obvious giveaway of her undead nature if her reputation as an eccentric artist didn't make them easy to hand wave.


Indigo acts with an exaggeratedly emotional persona, easily swinging between exuberant and melancholic, while concealing less palatable or more nuanced emotions. While he is by no means a good person, he's far more friendly and honest than is safe for a vampire. He has no ulterior motives of his own, and has yet to be burned by those of others, so he approaches kindred society with a naive and almost careless attitude that makes him easy to befriend or manipulate. He just wants to have a good time, grow his social circle, find inspiration for his art, and collect beautiful and expensive things.

Status Traits


  • Acknowledged member of the Camarilla.


  • None


  • Acclaimed by Primogen Maria Savvina.
  • Courteous by Harpy Bernard Dubois.

History: Timeline

1985: Born in Los Angeles, California. Indigo was raised in a comfortably well-off family, but they did not care for his proclivity for the arts, or for his thoughts on gender and sexual orientation. He cut ties and moved out when he came of age, and spent two years struggling to support himself while submitting work to galleries.

2004: At age 19, he caught the eye of Anastasia, a Toreador with a passion for metalwork. She became a patron of Indigo’s work and took him on as a blood doll, pushing him into being as artistically productive as possible and helping him make connections to further his career.

2010: At age 25, he was embraced by Anastasia, who had finally been granted permission to create a childe and chose Indigo as her current favorite. She focused more on his artistic training than teaching him the ways of kindred.

2014: In a tragic accident, Anastasia was caught outside at sunrise. Indigo still hadn’t been released from accounting, but was afraid to approach other kindred. Lost and distraught, he spent the next year in a depressive malaise that robbed him of his artistic ability.

2015: Entered torpor for a year to try to escape his grief.

2016: Awoke from torpor and spent a few years traveling, immersing himself in artistic culture and re-establishing his creative practice.

2019: Settled in Boston and finally, properly joined kindred society.


  • Indigo has knowledge of the Path of Conjuring, and isn't shy about using it.
  • Indigo is still deeply wounded by the death of her sire. Dwelling on it easily unravels her, and she's unusually fearful of sunlight.
  • Indigo is easily won over by material gifts, and may even trade boons for rare and beautiful antiques or artwork.
  • Indigo misses the passionate feelings that came with being blood bound to her sire. Part of her wishes to find a new regnant so she can feel that strongly again.

Allies, Associates, and Enemies