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A Garou, A man (Deceased)

Society: Unaffiliated
Rank: Adren
Breed: Homid
Tribe: Silent Strider
Auspice: Ragabash

Deed Names
Bane of Hidden Things (Cliath)
Skipping Shadow (Fostern)
Mohapi (Adren)

Rememberance Name

Fool of the Sept of the Second Chance

Pack Totem
Bighorn Sheep
Vanguard's Map

Distinguishing Features

Gathsa in Homid is a Bald 5’8 male, he has green/blue eyes. His face usually features markings of his Remembrance name. Every once in a while his south African accent breaks through when he talks, though tries not to show it. Gathsa never introduces this name to any garou, and even in homid society he goes by Gary.

In Lupus form he is a larger and thinner than average wolf with tan and brown fur.


Gathsa Bell was born in 1989 in Weipe, South Africa. He was brought up in Weipe in a small community of kinfolk of both Silent striders and fera. His Father, George Bell, was killed early on in his life from a bar fight. His mother Amahle, was a Silent Strider, philodox known as "Cashile". She had fallen in a battle against some vampires in one of the assaults of black tooth.

Gathsa grew up knowing that he was kin and what it meant to be a Garou. He trained in tactics and of information gathering. He was thought to be a kinfolk forever, but that all changed three months after his 16th birthday. When his village was attacked by an ancient vampire who was once under Black tooth’s control. Awakening to protect the kin, Gathsa, was no longer who he was. He was now set on a different path, his path was now that of the ancient striders, and as such he was compelled to wander, to fight and to break the curse that had forever been over the striders.

As Ini-Herit learned under the sept he chose to go to the line of danger, he joined the Ahadi and fought in the Kalahari Desert. Joining other scouts, Ini-Herit, became adapt at scouting and learned from those of higher station. As he spends two years there, the news of the gnosis plague hit the ears of all. Taking up the lead of his fellow striders, he joined in attacking the dark brigade to stall them, while kinfolk and others were evacuated to the Dark River Cearn. Here is where he gained the deed name he currently holds, Mohapi, Victory.

Having worked to help at Dark River, Mohapi decided to go to the United States. Walking through the US, he found Colorado Springs. An old Silent Strider who had kept a Wayfare, In a city without a sept, kept watch, and as the Silent Strider who had lived there passed, the duty was passed to Mohapi. He stayed in the Springs and helping to bring a new world together. Over the first year, Mohapi had grabbed those souls that had been packless. He formed a pack together with those without one. Making a pack that was diverse. He, being of higher rank became the Alpha of his pack. With the work of his pack, and finding of other people the goal became to create a new sept in the city and thus to bring the awaking of gaia.

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OOC Information

Gathsa Bell

Sept: Colorado Springs, CO
Player: Alex Edwards

VST: Mykle McGovern