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rana dacă se deschide, anevoie se-nchide


Because of her irregular birth, Irma Kardoș always knew she would be a vampire. One old woman said it was because her mother did not consume enough garlic while pregnant. Another swore she witnessed a strigoaica gaze at her mother's belly days before she was due. A third claimed it was because she was the seventh daughter, and her mother should have known better than to carry her to term. Regardless of old wives tales, in a gorge cutting through the Carpathian Mountains, Irma was born "behind the veil" as a Caulbearer. In some regions, they are considered kings by right. Leaders of their respective paths. But in Eastern Europe, a caul-child is feared. Cursed, some say, to rise as a vampire after death or to be transformed into a werewolf.

The tribe treated Wild Boar Clan differently because of Irma's presence within it. She was bad luck, men said, blaming her for their tired horses. Spitting on their scorn, she plundered and burned houses to the ground to prove her worth. Wild Boar became rich and powerful pushing into Wallachia as far South as the Danube. And once they reached the river, Irma made sure it ran red with the blood of those who called her cursed.

Yet, even as she became a powerful Cuman leader, she was never well regarded. "Because one night," they would say wagging fingers. "Death will come..." In the early 11th century, as they all predicted, death did come. Among the twisted trees of Transylvania's Hoia-Baciu forest, Irma became a monster.


Lineage: House Kardoș
Sire: Marcella of Naples
Broodmates: Ansgär Svendsen, Siegfried von Stroheim
Childer: Botani David, Azar, Stephen Kardoș and Kemencha

Ghoul: Grace and Mercy

Status: Acknowledged within the Camarilla
Authority, Commander, and Sovereign as a Prince of the Camarilla
Confirmed, Established, Privileged, and Prominent as a Luminary Elder of the Camarilla
Admired among the Ventrue
Courteous by the Harpy of Cleveland, OH
Loyal by the Primogen of Austin, TX
Honorable by the Prince of Austin, TX
Courteous by Julia Antasia
Favored by Purissimma Geiss

Most well known as the Dark Ages Prince of Târgoviște, the Matriarch of House Kardoș was a late comer to the Camarilla, refusing to join until the 17th century. And even then, only after waging a centuries long war against the Sabbat. With the promise of greater advantage and a place secured within the Sect for her family, Irma continues to battle for the merits of Humanity. As Ventrue, she leads from the field instead of the throne preferring pragmatism, frankness, and success. Although she favors practicality over nobility, make no mistake. She's as prideful and stubborn as any King.


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  • "When Yana first presented me to Irma, I was terrified. I had never met a woman as self-possesed and so obviously in control as she was. It was like being made to bow before a lioness. Now I take comfort in her strength, I may never be my elder's equal in ferocity, but I can strive to emulate her wisdom and cunning." - Phaedra de Chalons
  • "Hun forstår at en konge står på styrke og eksellens. Hennes blikk vil vise vekten av aldre. Hennes ord vil vise sann visdom. Hennes handlinger vil vise dårskapen om å stå imot henne." - Olaf
  • "Don't be fooled. I have seen Elder Kardos on the field of battle, and in the halls of power. She conducts herself exactly the same in both arenas. Challenger her at your peril." - Dar Adan
  • "Her tongue is as sharp as her mind. One would do well to be mindful of which side of that edge they fall." - Millicent Paulet
  • "There are those that wonder at our friendship; a justifiable curiosity. In her I see and understand why my clan considers the Ventrue to be their truest competitors. One is measured by one's enemies, and as such the Magisters and Patricians are the masters of this world. Thankfully, my interests lie in other directions so I am free to celebrate her greatness rather than define myself by it." - Étienne Oumar Ezeazu
  • "She is a force of nature, not to be taken lightly. My Sire makes her presence known wherever she goes. Pray for your sake it is not her ire that turns her gaze towards you." - David
  • "Place your hand upon my chest and feel the heat of my adoration for a woman who once wore those who would kneel and grovel at her feet in magnificence, as one would slip on decadent jewels. So died all innocence in those glorious nights. I shut my eyes to see this beauty again, and bathe in the truth it will return. She needs me, as I need her. Our paths twist as vines, forever entwined. - Numerius Villius Cursor
  • "Very few people have ever told la Leona Dorada that she must not do a thing, and stood their ground when her eyes fell on them. That I did so regularly, I have come to think, is the true root of much that happened and has happened since. I cannot but wonder if... no. It is far past, and does not matter now." - Augustin de Aragón
  • "It's very simple, really. She's a lady that knows what she wants." - Bryson Cobb
  • "In my youth, I would have said that I found the physical form of Boldogasszony. I was later blessed to find that she is simply the standard we must set for ourselves." - Valeria Brunsvick
  • "Personally, I'm impressed by whatever madness sustains the delusion of 'humanity' in one so obviously ancient and bloodthirsty, but I suppose that's ultimately her problem. Professionally, I simply appreciate that she understands the value of a job well-done." - Dr. Graves
  • "Когда игла видит кинжал, она плачет «Сестра!»" - Yana Teplova
  • "She turned her pain into power and her visions into victory..." - Siegfried von Stroheim
  • "I understand my place in the family. And I understand that I have a great many faults to make up for. I am thankful that Irma is so forgiving." - Lilli
  • "Ventrue allow themselves to be bound by chains of civility, decorum, and protocol. Irma is one of the only ones to use those chains as weapons." - Siegrid of the True North
  • "Irma is the sister I wanted." - Mila Rurik
  • "Irma has been both a dangerous friend and honored enemy. She is better than her contemporaries, not some preening banker or corpulent sack of wine like Gaius the Fat and Gaius the Fatter. No, the Prince Emeritus of Târgoviște places more value in steel than silver in both her words and deeds, and in this I find fertile soil for the seed of mutual respect." - Carden d'Vergobret
  • "Mothers in nature kill just to feed their children, so what chance you got if you stand between Elder Kardos and one of her goals? Spoiler Alert: Zero." - Jaxon
  • "There is a particular ruthlessness to Irma that is pure, in and of itself. But I see in her a desire to guide, to teach, to shepherd that is the mark of a true leader, and I admire it deeply. Of course, the fact that she is a favorite of Numerius certainly doesn't hurt. Not that I blame him at all - she just smells...good." - Djeserit al Malik,Blessed One of Burning Waters
  • "Haar majesteit vereerde mijn kusten met haar aanwezigheid. Het was alleen goed dat iemand die zo nederig was, hulp zou moeten bieden in Haar tijd van nood. Ik vraag me af of ze haar cadeau zoveel waardeert als ik deed terwijl ik het carved?" - The Iron Mask
  • "There's something so enticing underneath all that pomp and circumstance, plus she just smells... Divine." - Xavier Frost
  • "Lady Kardos is a true paragon of beauty, nobility, and honor. Her skill in battle and her poliical savvy rival even my own. I truly respect and fear her." - Gaius Cornelius Scipio
  • "For as often as she's imperiled my existence, I owe her a debt that I can't ever repay for the simple act of taking a chance on me." - Jack Rider
  • "Honey, if I should ever be blessed to be in the room with her again, you bet your bottom dollar I'd step between her and an angry Assamite elder. Again. She's as charming in person singularly as she is in a group. I begin to think The Marquess might have the most steel in her spine among we Ventrue ladies west of the Rhine, you know what I mean? The Matriarch and our Hungarian cousin are both women of stone and steel, and I respect them quite a great deal." - Tamara Rose Linden
  • "Our Agoge lessons tell us about soft power and hard power. Soft power is the gentle direction of subtle social currents, hard power is the finite and materialist equivalent to a punch in the face. Elder Kardos occupies space exceptionally well, directing the traffic of things like a woman launching a catapult into a fortress wall. Watching that magnetic force barrel through, people eagerly attach themselves. In all, very much hard in her public persona." - Cornelia Mowebary
  • "I will forego saying something cryptic or witty here in favor of plain honesty: she told me, without goading, her story of why she doesn’t speak French in a very engaging way. This story took place over centuries and included drama and romance. She spun gold out of wheat, and I deeply appreciate that skill." - Alistair Beckworth
  • "What more can be said about her? She is elegant, genuinely funny, and thoughtful. Elder Kardos is what many may aspire to be. I do so appreciate a nobility that has been battle tested. It is my hope to meet with her in Houston at least once while I make the United States my home. With her, wit and ambition are a subtle perfume." - Gabriel
  • "Everything an Elder of Ventrue should be. Wow." - Dr. David Archer
  • "It's like really weird. She was like super polite, and not like in that Ventrue way where like they are waiting for you to like make a mistake so they can like exploit it. Then I like remember the stormy face she was like sporting in Connecticut. She like totally knows what it is to like feel rage. Maybe that's why like Gma is always like making doe eyes at Elder Kardos when her back is turned." - Karma
  • "Have you ever heard the line 'the Prince of Darkness is a gentleman'? That's bullshit. The Prince of Darkness is a fucking Ventrue." - Garvin McCarthy
  • "We Tremere hold Certàmen, the art of ritual dueling, dearly to our still hearts. I wish the Ventrue practiced something of that nature; I would make an exception and travel far to see Irma Kardos in combat, and thus witness for myself how much of these old wives' tales about her origins is hogwash." - Thaddeus Moreau
  • "An Elder Ventrue who was willing to discuss matters of business with a crew of neonates she just met? I like my prince's guts." - Waylon
  • "I can't help but have my guard up. She's so polite and nice. And she's totally respectful of me. I keep waiting for the rug to be pulled out or for her to exploit anything I say to her. I mean, aren't we supposed to hate Ventrue? I can't help but like her. Not like, like like... but like, ya know? - Payback
  • "I... I know of the fair Prince, yes. She is... tenacious. That is a Ventrue compliment, oui? She is... nooré cheshm-am. That's Farsi for powerful." - Rumi
  • "Elder Kardos is polite, efficient, and not afraid to show strength. In short, precisely what Ventrue strive to be." -Darrow Westholme
  • "A word of advice, and perhaps a warning: Elder Prince Kardoș and I agree on far more than you might think." -Madeleine Tonnerre
  • "The eye to see the flaws in the metal, and the hammer to strength the strongest of steel; I know this first hand. She has given more than words can say with her lessons, and she has my gratitude, respect, and care in equal measure." --Konstantin Rurik
  • "I have experienced no force on God's green earth more imposing than a silence manifest from the rage of Irma Kardos. A pin drop could deafen in that void." --Bartleby Crane
  • "Hasta ahora Elder Kardos es la tercera Ventrue que he conocido que merece respeto y admiracion. Como Vampira es la quinta que merece ser reconocida como matriarca. Obvio que Xochi es la Primera, pero nadie puede ser mejor que Xochi si no es Tezcatlipoca mero mismo." --Tezcacaotal, Avatar the Xiacacaotal
  • "I would rather fetch her sword than find myself on the business end of it." - Joey Gibbons


  • She dressed as a Setite on Fools' Day to mislead Kindred into thinking a Setite was the last thing she'd ever want to be.
  • The reason she ever embraced was so she would not have to worry about details in her grand plans.
  • I hear that she has a thing for snakes, and I'm not talking about the animal.
  • Has had numerous Ventrue suitors over the centuries, but none could equal her intellect and zeal enough to capture her attention, let alone her heart.
  • A Setite called her jealous. Was she?
  • There's an old, old rumor that the one who broke her heart was actually a Tremere! Of all the crazy things!
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Clip: "When you've killed as many Spaniards as I have, it's difficult to talk about the weather."
Clip: Deaf to advice. Blinded by sin.
Clip: Lady Olenna Queen of Shade
Clip: "Darkness, It cloaks itself in whatever it must to move you to action."
Clip: "Charles Vane and the animals he commands have until sunrise tomorrow."
  • Lord of War
Clip: The AK-47
Clip: "Learning is beneath me."


Player: Rachel G. US2005063548
Storyteller Email: Houston VST
Location: Houston, TX

Other PCs: Summer, Rosa Lopez