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“The sin which is unpardonable is knowingly and wilfully to reject truth, to fear knowledge lest that knowledge pander not to thy prejudices.”
Aleister Crowley, Magick: Liber ABA: Book 4


  • Name: Irvine Talbot St. Cyr
  • Social Class: Ancilla


  • Abiding
    • Committed member of the Movement
  • Fleeting
  • Negative

Notable Traits:

  • Angelic Visage
  • Born in Shadow

Physical Style:
Irvine, like many of the Magisters, never appears in public rumpled or dowdy, his clothing cleaned, pressed, and fresh. He favors the colors of charcoal gray and purple in nearly every form of dress, accented with black here and there; the black accents appear to move and change from time to time.

Social Style:
There's almost always a smile on Irvine's face, and most of the time it's the sort of smile that says he knows something that you don't. The rest is mostly dominated by looking like the cat who got the canary, extraordinarily pleased with himself and his surroundings, and that's how the majority of his interactions with others go, as well. He's an arrogant little shit, but his perpetually cheerful, amused demeanor seems to mollify some.


The World is Changed - Known History

Were he a member of the Tower, this Magister would be a Confirmed Ancilla, having been granted the Embrace sometime around the turn of the 20th Century in the American west, just after the American Civil War. In the time since his Embrace and Release, he has openly espoused membership in the Anarch Movement though he has not settled in any given location long enough to truly assemble power in the fashion of most of his kind.

Instead, his roving seems to locate him in the right place and time to be of use to Anarchs and occasional Camarilla Kindred, earning favors and making contacts through use of his skills as an art historian and antiquarian; rumor has it that if one needs to have the authenticity of such objects verified, Irvine's talents can keep one from being swindled by fakes.

Associated Personae

  • Dahlia - We all survive it; some of us come out stronger for it, and some of us are lessened by it. Dahlia's a good tempered steel, and a better ally.
  • Jack - Being honest, I'm surprised that he ever forgave me; expectations were not what either anticipated and I have rarely been so mistaken. He is nothing like what one would expect.
  • Jimmy - I had such high hopes for him, once upon a time. The world was changed, choices were made, and tonight he remains a marvelous business partner.
  • Lotte - Never have I had a mark backfire on me so hard. Never have I experienced so much regret and satisfaction, in turn.
  • Sully - Another survivor, and another with more passion than I have, but together we help others like us to find true freedom from the chains of blood.
  • Vaughn - After Jimmy, I've met few who might qualify as a kindred spirit to myself, but there's a sort of perfection in our lack of obligations and illusions.
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Persona Non Grata


Rewrite History

  • "If there's anyone I trust more in this world, it's an honest liar like Irvine." - Jaime Mendoza
  • "Balance. Few balance me. Irvine is one of those few. I adore him in every way, like that impeccable big brother. Where I am rough and rowdy he is refined. But don't dismiss refined, silver tongues are more dangerous than all the punches I can throw." - Lorena Silva
  • "I know he's a good man at heart. There is a point where he feels guilt for what he does and when he does, he reflects and remembers what he should do. Is that not the essence of goodness?" - Lotte Peeters
  • "I spent the better part of my time as a ghoul and the early part of my eternity as a vampire burning Lasombra to their watery deaths. When you see one on my arm, do not ask if I have lost my mind, ask yourself what could this one Shadow have that hundreds of his kin did not." - Captain Jack

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Delicious Slander

  • He's the only blond Magister. No really...they all have hair blacker than their souls, except him. What gives?
  • Rumor has it that he's attempted to give the Embrace a dozen times, but has only produced Caitiff who shame the Magisters.
    • Rumor also has it that an Elder Magister destroys each Harbinger of Gehenna that he creates.
  • Though he goes on about having no illusions, privately he still believes in boogeymen like Antediluvians and Gehenna.
  • Quietly spoken rumor says that this particular Magister is an Albigensian Heretic, and much older than he pretends.

Rumor has it...

OOC Information

  • Player: Kenny Cole
  • Location: Manhattan, KS


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