Isaac Black

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Commonly Known Information


Name: Isaac "of the Black Blood Brood last of his name" Black

Notable Traits: a Limp, and a bit of salt.

Sect: Anarch

Status: Committed, Moniker

Clan: Nosferatu

Gang: Nihilistic 99's

Background Information

  • Isaac, has a keen business acumen, everything and anyone can be bought or sold, eventually.
  • Isaac, is old, but not old enough to remember or care why it matters.
  • Isaac, has actually only broken Elysium once, and it was on a technicality, because of a shrew.
  • Isaac is often seen in the company of other members of the 99's


  • " Hey Kiddo."
  • "Oh Sorry"


  • Isaac is Stanford Warwicks Childe

OOC Information

Player: Travis Cumming

Player Email:

Storyteller: Wade Y.

Storyteller Email:

Location: Phoenix, AZ