Isena Three-Worlds

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"I did not miss you much, I did not suffer. What did not kill me, just made me tougher."

-Sting, Ghost Story

Name: Isena Three-Worlds

Breed: Lupus

Auspice: Theurge

Tribe: Silver Fangs

Lodge: The Ivory Priesthood

The Beginning

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From the first, she was death's child. Illegally hunting during denning season on a nature preserve, a "sportsman" murdered her mother, still heavy with six pups. Some say that she was never actually born, that the Garou that found the hunter and his prey did what they had to in order to save the swiftly fading pups inside.

Voices From Away

What the Cards Said

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OOC Information

Player: Jillian Christensen
MES#: US2002024916
Direct VST: John Christensen

DC: Ephraim Gregor