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Character Description


Name: Iskra Nightstone

Location: Deutune, Xion-Taul System, Sector V, Verge

Race: Lost

Notable Traits: Curious, Innocent, Intelligent, Exudes heat

Society: Nebula - Bright One - Elemental

Occupation: Owner/Manager of Nightstone Luxury Resort & Spa & Nightstone Ski Resort & Nightstone Undersea Resort

Other Projects: Kessek Rent Controlled Housing, Deutune, Xion Taul System, ---- Unemployment Office, Deutune, Xion Taul System ----- Soup Kitchen, Deutune, Xion Taul System,---- Free Medical Center, Deutune, Xion Taul System. ----- Nightstone Foundation for Veterans, Deutune, Xion Taul System ------

Talents: Music: singing, Guitar, Piano. Healing:Herbal Medicine : Botany : Crafting Tea : Cooking.

The Nightstone's Ship: "The Star Captain"

Charter Company: Guild of the Solista



Gender: Female

Apparent Age: 20

Actual Age: 418 - give or take a decade.

Height: 5'8"

Hair: Red

Eyes: Golden that swirl with orange and red like fire.

Build: Strikingly beautiful slight and agile. She always draws attention.




Height: 3'3"

Hair: Strands of plated Scales that fall to her shoulders. The glow red/gold/white like hotcoals in the center of a fire.

Eyes: Red/gold swirling big round eyes that look like the contain living dancing flames.

Build::"Little Person/Hobbit-like" Build - Small & Slight with wings made of tiny delicate scales that resemble feathers. They glow with heat the same as her hair.

Special Physical Qualities::

  • To maintain her mask's height she is almost always constantly hovering and flapping her wings, to those who notice it creates a slight pleasantly warm breeze wherever she 'walks'.
  • Her torso is covered with gold/orange luminescent fine scales that cover her legs and torso up to her collarbone. Above that her skin appears made of fine pale fleshcoloured scales.

Known Timeline

  • 4092 - Born in the Outworlds to "Papa" Drake - His human daughter
  • 4099 - Taken - Raised and altered in Arcadia

Arcadia ** Time runs differently there - Was in Arcadia a very long time.**

  • 4116 - Placed in a Stasis pod.
  • 4117 - 12 - Magnus Duskthorne finds her pod in his warehouse and has it shipped to the client it's addressed to.
  • 4118 - 01 - 09 - Arrives on Wayfinder Station in a stasis pod addressed to "Papa" Ehroth

Public Information

  • Loves Spicy Food
  • Loves Music
  • Curious about new things
  • Remembers little before her "Papa" awoke her from the stasis pod.
  • Stubborn
  • Emotional
  • Obsessive with making others happy.
  • Wants to heal others.
  • Wants to leave the world of bloodshed, violence and pain far behind, and move into a world of glittering parties and joy.
  • Adores warm places.
  • Always seems to exude warmth.
  • Thinks Kindness and a Good Heart is the most precious commodity in the Verse.


Wedding Story

Iskra Ring.jpg Dresden Ring.jpg

Concerts & Performances

Drea - Young Draconis

Iskra has raised a young female Draconis that was purchased for her by her boyfriend Dresden.

Rumors say Drea was severly abused and neglected by her last owner, and slight scars are visible if you look closely across the creatures muzzle, back and wings in perfect lines, as if from ropes or chains.

Iskra is extremely protective and excited by her new charge. And Drea is protective of Iskra. Their bond is strong and is rare to see Iskra without Drea along.

There are rumors that Drea is known to sing with Iskra - haunting inhuman harmonies that stir the soul.



  • Her time in Arcadia was filled with Fire and Pain.
  • Iskra Nightstone, wife to the famous Dresden Nightstone was seen in Kessek, Deutune performing on the top of a large transport truck and giving away clothes,food and sleeping bags to those on the street there.
  • Her work in the Morass on Wayfinder Station led to a Shelter and Free Medical Clinic being build to help the less fortunate down there.
  • Organized a concert[[1]] to raise money for the Morass on Wayfinder Station, after a huge crash wiped out an entire sector of that part of the station.
  • Has a defective Immune System and is often ill.
  • If it's furry she will pet it - even if it's scary.
  • Married to the Famous Vid-Actor Dresden Nightstone
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Quotes from Xion-Taul

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Quotes From Wayfinder Folks

  • "She is like a child but not a child. Would this mean she is another victim to be pitied?" - Tristan Katharos
  • "Her food is good. She might have a spine somewhere in there, or she might not." - Elyl
  • "Helpless things don't survive long in the wild." - Evander Katharos
  • "She has strength in her...if she will let it flourish and not be trampled on by poor decisions. Still, to fly, to run, to hunt, one must learn to fall." - Hafal Ur
  • "She must learn to stand on her own two feet, she's getting there. I may seem harsh or dismissive at times, but a father's love for his daughter is eternal. Shine on, Little Red." - Ehroth
  • "She has some weird speech patterns, and some messed up background, but she's legal and pretty. The craziest ones are always a good time." - Dr.Love
  • Passion for music burns strongly in this one. She was a rare find to have brought to the stage. We shall see where the stars guide her next." -Alec Hawthorne
  • "We were all young once. Her inner fire holds such promise." - Magnus Duskthorne
  • "To try as hard as she does in a universe that can be so cruel, it shows what kind of person she really is." - Axion
  • "An interesting individual. I hear that food is quite good." - Nicola
  • "She is an ember. I am an ash. In that, we are connected." - Fabien_Phist
  • "A heart of fucking gold that one ... Word of advice don't call her kid." - Socket
  • "She see goodness in people where there is none. It almost makes me wish it were true." - Xavier
  • "We met.. in the other place. She gave me the strength to keep running.." - Flynn Mason
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Xion-Taul - Friends & Family

Dresden Ring.jpg Husband Dresden Nightstone

CowboyProfile.png Cowboy

Malspace1.jpg Mal

Deutunesurface1.jpg Martin

Hellebore1.jpg Hellebore

Wayfinder Friends & Family

Lag1.jpg Captain Lag

KF7.png "Kay" - KF7

Flynnmason1.jpg Flynn

Cerberus2.jpg Bob Milchien

05d2ede4d184e8712b8761dd15ad8f77.jpg "Uncle" Alek

DLMicon.jpg 'Doc' Lightning Murphy

Drake.jpg Papa Ehroth

Wolfiskra.jpg Axion Attonborough

Elder Nosferatufab.jpg "Grandfather" Fabien Phist

DrHanover1.jpg Dr.Hanover

SocketMein.jpg Adley

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OOC Information

Player: Vanessa Klohn

Story Teller: Em

Coordinator: Anita Fougere

Location: OOC Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

Original Code by: Cali C.