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Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Ivan Munin
Deed Name: Knows Things
Fera Breed: Corax
Auspice: Ragabash
Rank: Adren
Pack: The Band
Sept: Sept Alpha of Sept of Unearthed Silver
Right of Acceptance?: Yes
Appearance: Seems to have taken after gothic human fashions. He is rather twitchy, and will often poke his beak into other people's business where he probably isn't wanted.





Born into this world a Raven at the Tower of Ravens in London, Ivan spent time after his first change manically obsessed with human society, learning everything he could about a culture that moved so fast and had a world of information at it's fingertips. It wasn't until older Corax managed to get him to stop and pay attention to how the Wyrm was killing the world, including the cultures of humanity that he loved so, that he buckled down and started learning about the world of Gaia. After a number of years in London, he was encouraged to make his way to the Americas, and found his way to Denver in time to join the fledgling Sept of Unearthed Silver. Since then, he has found a place as one of their foremost scouts, and one who can stand with it's warriors against the Wyrm when the time comes.

Notable Contributions

  • Ivan aided in the rescue of the Ard Righ of the Fianna, Bron Mac Fionn, and was granted a Fianna tattoo
  • Ivan was instrumental in the destruction of a Hive in Temple Canyon, Colorado, which was later reclaimed by Uktena.
  • Ivan participated in his Sept's efforts to hunt down and kill the BSD pack "Malfeasance, Inc."
  • Participated in the Heroic Quest to retrieve the ritual that bound Eater of Souls
  • Was given the Deed Name "Knows Things" at his Rite of Accomplishment in May 2018
  • Became Sept Alpha after Waits Like Thunder abandoned the position in 2019



Known Associates

  • Bitty, "Little Bit of Trouble"- Former Packmate
  • Bookie, "Bag o' Spiders" - Corax Associate



"He's not so annoying when you get used to him. And useful as hell on any mission you could think of. He's worth his trouble."
"Ivan is a good Corax, he has kept me sane many times, if it weren't for him and another I would have returned to the Beast Courts ages ago."
"His deed name, Knows Things... the bird has certainly earned it. Could have also been called "Shoots Things", though, in all honesty... he's somethin' sharp with his there bow. A good kinda catch-all when ya need someone along for a ride."
- Tamsin "Tills the Wyrm" Brown


  • Things go missing around Ivan
  • He managed to anger Uktena during his time in Temple Canyon in 2017, earning the Incarna's ire.
  • He has a Fetish Bow that has lightning running up and down it's limbs.
  • Was present for the death of the Corax "Caws the Howl" and wasn't terribly happy about it.

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OOC Info

Player: Brett McCulloch

Player Email: brett.mccullochrp@gmail.com

Storyteller: Conor Sexton

Storyteller Email: mes.denver.wta@gmail.com

Location: Aurora, CO