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Izzy the rokea 2.png

Name: Izzy
Breed: Homid
Species: Rokea
Type: Darkwater
Rank: Fostern
Location: Atlanta, GA

Notable Features

  • Obsessed with MEMES
  • Still a little lost in the world
  • Trying to catch up on pop-culture

Pack - The Usual Suspects under Butterfly


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  • November 17th 1990

- Born in Boston.
- Mother died in car accident prompting her birth. Father (kinfolk) adopts.

  • 2002

- Sent to live with kinfolk grandparents.

  • 2004

- Began long swim.

  • 2011

- Returnes to land. Is home-schooled by grandparents to catch up.

  • 2012

- Starts at Boston University double majoring in marine biology and political science.

  • 2017

- Graduated with both majors.



  • "The first and most important thing you need to know - you are Left Shark. And that is the best thing in the world." - Chula
  • "Izzy says other sharks used to come out of the water to kill the ones that could walk on land. That seems dumb to me, but I'm glad they didn't get her. I'll fight any sharks that try to take my packmate!" - Buttons
  • "Her Name sounds fun, but I'm not quite sure she is..." - AKi
  • "Please add one!" - Name


  • During a fight with BSDs she almost frenzied and ate some of her Sept-mates
  • She likes a good whiskey sour
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Player: Linnea Zavicar
VST: Mike Boaz
RC: Chris Roberts