Jöar Bylund

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Jöar Bylund

Notable Traits: Get of Fenris

Pack: Wardens of Thunder

Society: Sanctum of Gaia

Sept: OKC

Camp: Hand of Tyr

Rank: Adren

OnyxPath-Get of Fenris.png


He is the first generation Norwegian American born child of Yngvar Bylund, a Physicist, and Klara Bylund, a top ranked Neurosurgeon. He graduated from OSU for Mechanical Engineering, he simultaneously completed his degree from Rose State in Auto Mechanics and from OSU in Physics and Anatomy, and obtained his ASE Master mechanic certification. In 2009 he was bitten and joined the Garou Nation. He has had a hard road since then but has risen to Adren of his Sept.


2012: A 3 claw scar on right pectoral from clavicle to left abdomen
2017/9: A large scar on right side of neck down to clavicle, appears to be from a sharp, large blade weapon.


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Observations By Others

-- He acts decisively, but rashly, and is all too willing to leave the aftermath to others. For all his skill, I worry his hubris will bleed the Nation of its bright souls before he learns humility. We shall see what he has learned when next our paths cross. -- Stasya

OOC Information

Player: Johnathon Johnson

Storyteller: Robert Curtis

Location: Oklahoma City, OK