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Commonly Known Information

  • Name: "J@ck"
  • Born: 1985
  • Embraced: 2010
  • Generation: 11th
  • Sire: Lotte
  • Clan: Malkavian
  • Sect Affiliation: Anarch Movement
  • Current Location: Sonoma, CA



Dressed in plaid, skinny jeans, and thick hipster glasses, "J@ck" always appears as the stereotypical millennial freelance programmer that has become so ubiquitous in these modern times. Constantly carrying around his tablet, traveler bag, and Bluetooth headset, he is usually found face down in whatever project that has trapped his attention at any given moment. Eccentric, earnest, and friendly, he can be a little overwhelming to people initially, but most soon grow comfortable with his willingness and desire to help others in whatever way he can.


Before his Embrace, "J@ck" went by a different name and worked as a hot shot freelance programmer and tech consultant for various tech start-ups around the bay area. After his Embrace, he decided to settle down in Sonoma and work towards upgrading the domain and strengthening the Movement. He took to immortality well, expressing his joy at possibly having the chance to witness "the singularity" and "transhumanism" firsthand should he live long enough.

Public Information

Almost all of J@ck's time is devoted to "upgrading" and "improving" the domain in some form in order to make life easier for the Anarchs and increase their protections, though he never starts a project unless it is approved democratically by the domain. He is always looking for new ideas that might be implemented to serve as defenses for the domain or services/tools that might better assist it. He is always open to hearing somebody out or helping them when needed. He will often jokingly refer to himself as "Your Friendly, Neighborhood, IT Anarch."


  • "Sweet boy, dutiful. Everything a proud mama could want and a great deal besides. I couldn't have chosen a lovelier young man to be architect." -- Lotte
  • "More here!"


  • It is rumored that J@ck learned his Technomancy from a text acquired during an Anarch raid on San Francisco whilst it was dominated by hunters. He took to it quickly thinking it was just another computer manual. The current whereabouts of the text are unknown.

OOC Information

Player: Joshua Luther

Player Email: [stragomog@gmail.com stragomog@gmail.com]

Storyteller: David Egan

Storyteller Email: dogimedkrad@hotmail.com

Location: Rohnert Park, CA