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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Jean-Pierre Cerf, "Marteau de Feu"

Notable Traits: Walks with a limp in his right leg, Flaming hammer tattoo on his right hand.

Pack: Armory

Society: Sanctum of Gaia

Sept: Sept of Shadowed Wisdom

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Jean Pierre Cerf was born in southern France where He grew to know his family's tradition. The Cerf Family is a small but very old lineage of Fianna master craftsmen, who dedicate not only their lives but their entire Family to arming the forces of Gaia however necessary. Shortly after undergoing his first change he began to move about central Europe, learning from family and family friend alike in various traditions of craftsmanship. He came to the United States in 2008, settling in Los Angeles in 2010. In 2012 JP was named Truthcatcher. WhiteWolfWiki-Truth Catcher.gif


  • JP was in a pack before Armory, but will never talk about it.
  • He HATES being called JP.


  • "JP is my favorite. He's a grumpy Frenchman, and he bitches about stuff...but he really does care. Also he's really good at cooking, and I like his food. I can't make French food...and he makes DELICIOUS PASTRIES that are the bestest." - Katie Roman
  • "My packmate is the finest smith I've ever witnessed; what he can do with a forge alone should be considered mystical, even without the aid of the spirits. Of course he's abrasive and judgemental; he's French and a Philodox. What did you expect?" - Alistair Cross
  • "I do not understand why anyone thinks Jean-Pierre is bad. His words when he speaks his first language sound like passion and pride, and his cooking tastes like unburdened love. He will give you both if you only show him that you see it." - Lines of Light
  • "He is called 'of Fire' for many reasons. Respect them, and him." - Duskcaller

Player Bio

Player: Joshua Harris

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Storyteller: Justin Searles

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Coordinator: Johnathan Fi

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Location: Los Angeles, CA