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Name: Ja'Kara Blake
Sire: OPEN
Childer: NONE
Sect: Unaligned
Lineage: Valravn


From the depths of the fire pools of the soul's mind:

"The woman stands an impressive 6 feet tall. Pale hair floats on a slight breeze and drifts across her blue eyes dramatically. She moves and the thin cloth covering her form shifts, revealing a long scar from her right hip to her left ribs. A bullet wound peeks from her shoulder and 4 others remain covered. What has this woman been through? Bare feet move in near silence and she wears clothing only to save others embarrassment. What she wears is minimal and with a viking twist. You can feel the anger radiating from her like heat from an open flame."


What have you heard?


Player: Hunnora Rose

Number: CA2017081401

Email: pawfoot@hotmail.com

Category:Masquerade / Lineage / Valravn