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Public Dossier


Name: Jaana Adair

Nicknames: Jane,Addie,Dare,Nyx,Doll, "That bitch that won't sign my medical release"

Notable Traits: Jaana sports tattoos on her forearms. One is the Thyrsus symbol. The other the Symbol of the Mystagogues.

Type: Mage

Character Type Subgroup: Thyrsus Sheltered Elite

Union: Explorer

Chartered Company: None at this time

OOC Disclaimer: This is a female PC, played by a female identifying player. Consent is not tacit, please obtain.

Biography (some information not publicly known. Please ask for clarification)

Jaana Adair is a rogue doctor, who was once a member of the Elite Class. A stellar student as a child,she always had a special aptitude for medicine, earning her Doctor of Medicine at the early age of 20. She was second in the family line, and treaties had been made to arrange a profitable political union for her and her House...until she Awakened. The Family pulled strings to \"create\" an \"accident\" that left her former identity dead. Her father managed to ship her off to the Expanse and signed her on with a crew that worked for Cheiron Corp.

She served the Corporation as a field medic under the Explorer Union, on the outer Rim of civilization. It was clear that her Family wanted her gone, but could not pull the trigger to end her life themselves. In 4111, 2 years into her contract, her ship, the Borealis, went dark. A year later, she and a single other crewmember from the Borealis Were rescued by a less-than-credible-merchant, seeking to salvage their ship. They claimed to be the sole survivors of a horrific tragedy.

Now in control of her own history, and no longer chained to the contract forged by her Family, she is looking for a new crew, new digs and a new life.

While Cheiron Corp wants answers.

4085 Born “Dayla” on Oasis. 2nd child to House Nyx (not public knowledge)
4105 graduates from medical school Magna Cum Laude
4108 Rumored to have had a scandalous affair with a Navy Captain. The Captain's ship and crew disappear on mission. What returns is a ship that is nothing more than an empty husk, covered in blood and gore. Nyx refuses to accept the loss of her lover and begins to look into possibilities of what might have happened to his ship and crew.
4109 Awakens while on a medical mission, searching for her lover. Family pays people off to keep it quiet. Meets Vahi Who helps her understand what has happened.
4109 Father creates a story wherein his daughter was killed – Dayla Nyx is dead. (not public)
4109 Father forges name and credentials for her (Jaana Adair) and sends her to the Expanse aboard the Borealis
4111 Borealis goes dark
4111 returns to chartered space with only one other member of the crew alive. Rescued by Captain Durant and The Green Dream
4112 Breaks with Cheiron Corp and signs a Union Contract with The Green Dream and Captain Durant
4117 Assigned to the Oberon Orbital spacecraft in Heliotrope to finish out the last year of her Union Contract ; much to the disgruntlement of her Captain.

Discovers that her assignment there was part of a subclause in her contract - initiated by her younger brother - who is clearly still out to kill her. Rescues Major Tom Lenz from decaying orbit, thawing him out of 200 years of deep freeze Helps construct the Briallian Medical Center - HealthNode - on Briallen - uniting the medical physicians for a common cause and provides the outlying way post with a top of the line medical facility.

4119 In the few remaining months of her contract, she is issued orders to transfer to Xiva-Tau space station,to take the

place of the former CMO who met an untimely end.


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  • The story goes that there are only two men that Jaana has ever loved. The first knew her in her mortal days, when they were in the Core together. Fate and the Thurisaz pulled them apart and she thought him dead. Years later, after she Awakened she once more allowed herself to love...and once more the Thurisaz took him away. Both men escaped. One now a being of Light. The Other more machine than man. And her heart is caught betwixt the two.
  • Jaana was once a star medical student slated for a prestigious appointment in the Core
  • Jaana's family denies her existence
  • Jaana still keeps in touch with her father
  • Jaana is not her real name
  • Jaana was married once, before her Awakening. Her husband died and she still grieves his passing.
  • Jaana is addicted to the drug bliss
  • Jaana is addicted to the Kiss
  • Vahi has been trying to get Jaana to sober up for decades...and failing.
  • Jaana has multiple lovers of multiple species
  • Jaana's fascination with xenobiology can be a little macabre
  • If you want Jaana to use magic to heal you, you have to pay extra
  • Jaana and Captain Tom October cannot stand each other
  • Jaana frequents The Murder Hole for company and entertainment
  • Jaana once got drunk and ended up married to Captain Durant
  • Jaana denies it ever happened
  • Jaana was contracted to be married to a noble (against her wishes) before she left the Core
  • Jaana designs implants. High end implants. She cannot craft them herself, but her designs are for sale
  • Jaana provides free health care to any Synth who asks
  • Jaana is working with an engineer and a programmer on an emergency medical AI program for ships and colonies
  • Jaana has a signed picture of Magnus Shrike on her desk, it may or may not have a lipstick print on it.
  • Jaana carries a weapon because it was issued to her, not because she will ever use it
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Say what? (Quotes from Jaana)

  • Tell Captain October to go fuck himself. He can have his man back when the illness has run it's course...unless he wants to pay me extra to CURE it. I'm not releasing this strain of flu into the population, just so October can make his contract. He can pay me extra to risk paradox and heal his boy, or shut the fuck up and ride it out... like everyone else
  • Don't take this the wrong way, but I really hope I don't see you again -Jaana to a recently stitched up Marine
  • Love? Love is a chemical reaction between dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin. You can overdose on any of those...and they also make you crazy in the wrong doses. Do yourself a favor. Find some chocolate. It's cheaper and less likely to kill you. - Jaana to a wouldbe paramour
  • What is in my hand right now, Bajit? Is it a vibro-scalpel? No. It's a glass, with booze in it. That means I'm off the clock right now, and this booze, and that young woman's tits were about to improve my life for 20 minutes and my attitude for 3 days. And you just interrupted me. What the hell do you want?"

Just add Salt (Quotes about Jaana)

  • "You think you know the Doctor? What makes her tick? What allows her to sleep at night? I doubt it's you and I know it isn't me. Our conversations are between me, her, and the booze on the table and none of us are talking. Just sit back and enjoy the show. Jaana is off duty and doing just that. Mixed a special set just for her." - Vida Dolce
  • "Oh, love, you are barking up the wrong tree with the good doctor over there. Her bedside manner is all wrong for you, trust me. And if she's cross while in my bar, you're responsible and paying for her drinks anyway." - Spandex McQueen to a would-be one-night stand
  • "An ancient poet whose name is lost to time once said "a wound is but a place where the light enters you"...dear Jaana does her best to cover those wounds with scar tissue in the vain hope that it will keep her pain from spilling out. In time, I hope to help her be free of it, so that the light may enter and she will shine brighter than us all." - Vashishtael
  • "Mastery of one’s work is one expression of knowing your territory. Her authority within her territory should be honored." - Liro
  • "Jaana is one of the best people I know. I cannot think of anyone more dedicated to helping other people and generally making the universe better than it was when she arrived. She also has a wicked tolerance for the drink, a swift right hook and a willingness to do what needs doing. No one better to have in your corner, and few stupider to cause to turn against you." Captain Durant
  • "Jaana is nice. I believe her when she says shes out to help people because unlike far too many of her kind, her action matches her intent. Restores my faith in the so called enlightened wisdom of the mages." - Magnus Shrike

Photos on a Desk

House Nyx.png
  • Lydia - She is a good distraction from the turmoils of my life at this time.
  • Spandex McQueen - Always has a place at the bar, and an ear to listen.
  • Vahi- My oldest friend. He is the spark of Hope in the Pandora's box of my soul.
  • Echo Urban - he reminds me that perceptions are not always accurate.
  • Vida Dolce - Such a lovely voice, and a lovelier disposition. She reminds me to be human.
  • "Z" - My mentor to the edge of nowhere when the Core cast me out.
  • Magnus Shrike - An odd friendship, and a strangely kindred soul...no pun intended.
  • Thomas October It's remarkably complicated. No, I don't want to talk about it
  • Captain Durant The only more complicated relationship I have than with Thomas October.


Background ties needed

Feel free drop me a line and pitch me a story, and I will contact you to work something out. No. Seriously. Let's do this

Character Inspirations

  • Pawter Simms - KillJoys
  • Doctor Yewell – Defiance
  • Doctor Stephen Franklin – Babylon 5
  • Leonard McCoy - Star Trek
  • Naomi - Fear The Walking Dead


To Be human - Sia
Extraordinary Way - Conjure One
Tears from the Moon - Conjure One
The Promise - Globus
Silence - Delerium
Imperfection - Evanescence

OOC Information

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Player: Charmain Hopkins

Player Email: charmain.hopkins@gmail.com

Storyteller: Kate Wadey

Storyteller Email: Dmh.Space.VST@gmail.com

Location: Phoenix