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Known by Most

Jack the Giant Killer2.jpg

Name: Jack
Aliases: Ivan Tsarevich, Clever Hans, Ivan the Fool, John
What: Nuwisha
Breed: Homid
Rank: Athro
Sept: Sept of the Reach


Not a whole lot is known about Jack, mostly because he hasn't been around a lot. Things you can pick up from casual conversation: Jack was born April 1, 1960. Yes, a little on the nose, but you can hardly blame him. Jack was born to two human parents that knew nothing about shifters. Sometime in the late 1970's, Jack left Earth and spent his time nearly exclusively in the Umbra. Late last year, Jack came back to Earth to try to help make things better.

Regarding his time in the Umbra, Jack will tell stories, but hasn't every really gone into a lot of detail. Hey, YOU try to concisely sum up 39 years of existing and surviving in the Umbral Realms.


  • No, you won't touch a hair on his head. Look, are you dead? Maimed? No, just embarrassed? Good, suck it up and deal because for something like this he gets a pass. Why? Because trust me, nothing teaches you humility and perspective like having your ass saved by that guy you wrote off as a joke. Just pray you're lucky enough to be deserving of it when the time comes." - Oliver "Truth & Consequences" Bishop
  • "Oh, child, I don't know how old your body grew in the Umbra, but you're a wee little thing on this side of the world. No matter how you howl, pup, you'll never grow into a big, bad wolf, and it breaks both mine and Coyote's heart to watch you try." - 'Spector
  • "Jack has never been in favor of myself or any kinfolk going out on missions with even the smallest amount of danger. Coyote's are supposed to be trickster and teachers of lessons but the only lesson I see in this is how bad an idea it is for us all to do things the Garou way. " - Catalin Corbeanu


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Friends and Enemies

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Oliver Bishop
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Player Information

Vincent Foley

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