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Jack Rider




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1632-1649, Scotland

  • Pre-Supernatural Contact

1649-1657, Caribbean & England

  • Rose through the ranks of the Parliamentary forces at sea under William Blake.
  • The English, led by Sir William Penn and General Robert Venables, took over the last Spanish fort in Jamaica.
  • Rider had been promised his own command of a soon to be launched frigate from Plymouth after Jamaica was secured. The promise and promotion was reneged upon when it was learned that he had engaged in “unchristian behaviors” and “conduct most unbecoming”.
  • Returns to England to drink until he’s captured and put on trial for his “unnatural urges.”

1657-1730, Caribbean Basin, Americas, Western Europe

  • 1657 ➢ Sets sail aboard his first ship, a sloop o’ war, commissioned by Irma Kardos, and other (Potential Ties)
  • 1673 ➢ Loses his first ship off the coast of Bermuda in a storm.
  • 1675 ➢ Sets sail aboard his second ship, a fast brigantine
  • 1692 ➢ Loses his 2nd ship in the earthquake that destroys Port Royal, and only barely makes it out alive. Most accounts recorded him among the dead and missing.
  • 1692 ➢ Stops briefly in Salem, Massachusetts; leaves after less than a fortnight for Newport by land.
  • 1701 ➢ Returns to the Caribbean with a new ship and a new identity; operates out of Nassau. The new ship is the most powerful, a powerful frigate bearing the name “Bad Penny”, that boasts twice the firepower of the previous two vessels combined. The investors of this vessel have always remained a secret.
  • 1713 ➢ Tempest joins the crew.
  • 1716 ➢ Raids the wrong vessel and meets Eli and Abdul Nasr.
  • 1717 ➢ Embraced by Abdul Nsar.
  • 1718 ➢ Meets Pau Lamarca and the Lamarca Fleet
  • 1718 ➢ Irma Kardos and Botani David board and help hunt Sabbat.

More To Come!


Location: New York, NY
Clan: Assamite (Vizier)

Lineage: Poetry in Motion



  • Acknowledged in the Camarilla
  • Confirmed, Established, and Privileged as an Elder


  • Courteous by Irma Kardos
  • Honorable by Leon Astorio




  • "Everyone needs a disreputable older brother who keeps haring off to disappoint both society's standards and the patriotic cause. Conveniently for me, we're not actually related so I can be as invested in his personal success as I am uninvolved in his latest nonsense." - Dottie Youngblood
    • "And now he's Prince! And so conveniently Prince that I can't even resent him! Dear Jack is the most insufferable kind of traitor: the kind you can't hate." - Dottie
  • "In but a few short years Jack has moved from loyal Banu Haqim to Assamite Prince. And indeed, his ability to control and manipulate his Camarillan Domain, adopting their customs, their mechanics, their view of world, it is a sight to behold. As tragic as it is terrifying." - Dar Adan
  • "A fellow Captain, we...understand each other" - Pau Lamarca
  • "You never forget the first time you taste the blood of a Kindred. Or drive them at 120 miles an hour down a freeway. Either way - what he's enabled me to do is beyond my ability to properly explain - but - someday - I hope to show him just how successful his brief tutelage allowed me to be, and repay him in full." - Simon Flint
  • "One day, perhaps, my grandchilder will forgive me for bearing this burden." - Elijah Zacheaus
  • "Every now and then, while speaking with Prince Jack Rider, I like to take a moment to check my head is still attached to my body. And somehow it still is! Always a delight." - Mara Nordahl
  • "Jack Rider was an excellent pirate Captain. He could capture Spanish galleons leveraging the speed of a brigantine, grant mercy to those who warranted it as well as death to those who deserved it, and always knew how to track down the very best booty." - Irma Kardos
  • "Proof that you can try with all of your being to give someone everything they want and still come up short. It wasn't his expectations, no, not at all; it was my own shortcomings of character. Still, I think he's forgiven me...I'm not dead, after all." - Irvine
  • "I understand his kind seeks knowledge above all else. Which means he holds much, too. Maybe I'll one day regale him of the story of my Triumphant standing. I'm sure his insights into the matter would prove invaluable in further whipping the Mountain Loyal into place." - Thaddeus Moreau
  • "Jeg blir ofte spurt mine synspunkter på hans klan. Jeg tror de er en fordel for tårnet. Prins Rider viser at jeg er riktig." - Olaf
  • "Jack is a great help in reminding me to keep my sense of humor. That he manages to keep his given what he's up against speaks to his fortitude – or stubbornness. Perhaps both." - Macha Ruad
  • "If Prince Rider runs his domain like he would run one of his ships, then I pity any invading force attempting to take his city." - Madeleine Tonnerre
  • "I never much cared for raiders, but Mr. Rider proved to be an exception. If only..." - Botani David
  • "He's the best Anarch Prince the Camarilla could have created. I just hope it doesn't end up tearing him apart in the end." - Kyle Morgan
  • "I've never cared for the English, understandably. I further care less for people who behave as if unlife were a lark and find myself intrigued to discover the depths behind what clearly must be a front, in Jack Rider...or so I hope. Perhaps he will disappoint me, as we come to know one another." - Aodhan the Druid
  • "I've seen a day when a hurricane hits this little rock and he cuts ties with the tower, setting us all free." - Your favorite Pomeranian
  • "Say what you will about the man, but you better bring Caine with you if you try to take him down. I've never seen a Prince inspire such loyalty from even amongst his harshest critiques...family excluded." - Bartleby Crane


  • Jack was a pirate.
  • Jack is a modern day Walsingham.
  • Jack prefers bourbon to rum.
  • Setite convert.
    • No, Toreador infiltrator!
      • ...weirdest Vizier, ever.



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