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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Jackson Faircloth - Dawn's Relentless Blade *Disgraced*

Notable Traits: well dressed and super wealthy (Fallen Hero), A noted collector of fine melee weapons, primarily ones of a large design. (great swords, halberds, great axes.

Jackson weapons.jpeg

Pack: ....

Society: Sanctum of Gaia

Sept: Crescent Swamp

Younger brother of Pavel Vaseiliev

Homid, Silver Fang, House of the Crescent Moon, Ahroun, Fostern *Disgraced*


Jackson was born into a family of wealth and power, in the early 1920's. As he grew he wanted for nothing. As a young child he was sent to a boarding school that was run by a member of his kinfolk family. There he learned extensively about combat, tactics, and fighting forms. He and a few others were also given lessons in Garou history and the noble rights and responsibilities for the Silver Fang.

Jackson went through his first change at the age of 15, as he had sex for the first time.

Jackson struggled at first with living a full member of the nation. He believed he should be listened to and respected just because of his name and Tribe, no mater his or the others rank. This led to quite a hard few years for him. Though in time he moved past it.

He rose through the ranks of the nation steadily, and in the start of 2017 he was close to proving his worth as an Elder of the nation. However that would not be his road. In February he was tasked to plan a mission to assist a budding sept in planting their cearn shard. He put to gather his plan, which included 5 other garou and the use of a grand klave. Because of the respect he had earned the plan was not heavily scrutinized, and he was granted the use of the grand klave for it. Upon arriving at the site he took charge, as he is prone to do in any situation, and showed little to no attention to the local garou that tried to give him warnings about an enemy. He believed he had calculated every risk and had a plan that would work. If he would have listened he would have heard that he was walking all of these garou to their deaths. As the day progress he stayed confident, overly so, in his plan leading to the death of 11 other garou, the loss of the grand klave to an agent of the wyrm. He was the sole surviver of the fight, he and the cearn shard he held.

A tribunal was called and he was put on trial, to determine what exactly happened and if he had infinitely lead so many to their deaths. Of such he was found innocent, but for his failures he is now seen as Disgraced to the nation and has been stripped of two ranks.

Today he stands as a fostern and has been tasked by his family to assist a sept in need with out any help from other Silver Fang. They pick the new sept in New Orleans and sent him there.


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OOC Information

Player: Andrew T. Hermann

Player Email: ath4mes@gmail.com

Storyteller: Katie Nance

Storyteller Email: nolaapoc@gmail.com

Location: New Orleans