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Glasswalker Ahroun

Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Jacob Yost a.k.a. "Click-Click-Boom!"

Tribe: Glasswalkers

Breed Homid

Aupice Ahroun

Rank: Athro

Notable Traits: Stands 6' 5" tall, with a muscular frame and dirty brown hair. His left eye glows blue and is obviously cybernetic in nature. His left arm from the elbow down is a sophisticated prosthetic.

Pack: Trouble

Totem: Fox

Society: Concordiat of Stars

Sept: Sept of the Summer Gale (St. Louis, MO)

Position: Master of the Challenge

Timeline of Noteworthy Events

1986 - Jacob Yost is born under the full moon in a small town outside Roanoke, VA. His mother, a member of the Glasswalker Tribe, leaves shortly after his birth. He is raised by his father's family and only rarely sees his mother.

2001 - At the age of 15, he undergoes the first change.He's taken to a nearby caern to be educated it the ways of the Garou.

2002: Jacob undergoes the rite of passage. He distinguishes himself by slaying a truck full of Fomori with plastic explosives acquired from a packmate. In recognition, he's granted the deed name, "Click-Click-Boom". He joins his first pack, "The Hunters".

2002-2004: Along with his packmates, he becomes embroiled in the war with the Wyrm's minions. After many battles, the pack finds itself serving Gaia in Georgia. There, he meets a young kinfolk bearing a strong family resemblence. A half sister! Over time, his sister Kaylee Dresden comes to become affiliated with the pack.

2004 - 2008: Attends college at Georgia State University in Atlanta. There he rooms with and befriends a buisness student (and fellow Glass Walker) named Clickbait. In 2008, Jacob graduates with a Bacholer's in Civil Engineering.

2009 - 2012: Following the tradition of his father's family, he joins the army. Basic is difficult for the young Ahroun. The rage within and the curse all Garou carry led to conflict with his fellows. However, he perseveres and after graduating, he's assigned to an all-garou and kinfolk unit, the 115th Hellhounds.

More a pack than a traditional military unit, the Hellhounds are sent to Afghanistan. There, the brass (Garou and Kinfolk themselves) send them to fight in some of the deadliest parts of Taliban controlled areas. There, they fight the leeches and other wyrm things using the conflict for their own purposes.

For three years, Jacob does his duty to his country and Gaia as a sniper.

2012: Jacob returns home from the service to the news that his old pack has been slaughtered in a skirmish with spirals. Not sure what to do or where to go, the packless Ahroun answers the call to head to St. Louis to aid in planting a shard seed. Here, he hopes, he can build a new life with a new pack.

During the ensuing battle, Jacob is greviously wounded. An eye is clawed from his skull, and his right arm (from the elbow down) is bitten off by a frenzying spiral. Of what happened next, he still has no recollection. However, when he is found -bleeding out on the forest floor - the spiral that attacked him is also found torn to bits all around his body. Some of the elders theorize that he fell into the thrall of the wyrm. Indeed, a slight smell of the wyrm is found clinging to him.

After being cleansed and stabilized, the young ahroun is taken to the cyberwolves to be fitted with implants. Many among the tribe praise his bravery in the face of a superior foe, but his slip into the thrall of the wyrm costs him any reknown he would have otherwise gained. Deeply ashamed of his failure, he remains with the cyberdogs until fully healed then leaves to find himself.

2013: Jacob travels the country as a lone wolf, largely avoiding his fellow Garou. Alone, shamed and afraid to let loose his rage, Jacob nearly succumbs to Harano. He only returns from the brink when Kaylee finds him, living in a filthy apartment drinking himself to death. Over the next several months, she stays with him, helping him to make peace with his past failure.

2014-2016: The two siblings travel together. In this period, he starts showing up to moots when he can. The rest of the time, the two explore the U.S. and Canada meeting many interesting people and having adventures.

2017: In January of 2017, the two arrive in St. Louis once more, determined to rebuild where they should have all along.


Word Around the Moot Fires


  • Word has it, Click-Click-Boom has a sister who's a fera. Stories abound of him traveling the country with a female Kitsune.
  • Some people whisper that the young ahroun did something terrible during the battle to plant the seed shard of the St. Louis sept. Whatever it was, he took a battle scar but gained no reknown for it.
  • Click-Click-Boom has a combat drone fetish named Marlene. He talks about it like it's a real person. A lot. He talks to it, too.
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Known Associates

  • Patrick Fannon
  • Amy Fannon
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Quotes about Click-Click-Boom

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OOC Information

Player: Rich Smith

Player Email: celticbloodjunkie@gmail.com

Storyteller: Joshua Sims

Storyteller Email: mo28dst@gmail.com