Jacob Black

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Jacob Black

Description: Typically dressed in an open shirt and plenty of gold chains and rings and a grin Jacob loves the spot light his fashion gives him.

Faction: Independent Alliance
Clan: Followers of Set


Today: Golden chains and rings, flashy cars and Cuban cigars, Jacob enjoys surrounding himself with only the flashiest and best. Moving into Kansas City area in late 2017 he recently opened up Club Babylon, a high end Nightclub that contrasts with the far less flashy surroundings of Independence, MO.

"Let me entertain you."


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  • "Be loud, be stupid, be crazy but here the one rule is, don't be boring." - Jacob Black
  • “ We are our choices.” - Agnese Giovanni di Calderari
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OOC Information

Player: Jason Haynes

Player Email: xpac247@gmail.com

Storyteller: Scott Millner

Storyteller Email: darkheartlandmasq@gmail.com