Jacob McCarthy

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Commonly Known Information
Name: Jacob McCarthy
Nickname: Tank
Notable Traits: Moniker: Sons Of Carthage, Old Dog
Titles: Architect, Los Angeles Free State
Society: Anarchs
Clan: Ravnos

Who He Was and Who He Is

The name Jacob McCarthy may strike a bell to those who are particular about their history and don't get distracted by names everyone seems to have. A highwayman who rode for six years on the roads of Ireland, striking at agents of English rule, Jacob struck up something of a legend until he was finally caught and sent to the gallows. He marched to the noose laughing all the while, letting out one last joke as the floor dropped out and he met his end.

At least, that's what everyone saw. Chimerstry's funny like that.

For years, Jacob drifted throughout Europe with the aid of his sire Petro, touching the flow of history every so often. He fought in a few revolutions, punched a few bastards in the face, and established bonds of love, trust, and hate. In time, he drifted out to Los Angeles, getting involved in the Anarch influx. After going off to fight the Nazis, he came back to find the new Anarch Free States and joined up with the Sons of Carthage, staying true to the State throughout Sabbat incursion, Camarilla skepticism, and Cathayan occupation. With the Cam back in town and new players coming to the table, Jacob attempts to keep Anarch territory held together as the Architect, making sure the Elysium stays sacred, the Racks stay clean, and no one shits where they eat.

"Mr. McCarth-- excuse me, Tank, is a considerate gentleman and understands the flow of relationships. For that, I commend him." - Rikard Bouwman

"Tank's got things sorted. He got a keen mind for keeping houses in order, and I'm grateful he's our Architect." - Maxine Chambers

"Quite an interesting fellow, and utterly without fear. I admire that in a man, regardless of his politics. I eagerly await what the future may hold for us all." - Desmond Aldred

"Tank's good people and I can count on him to do what's gotta be done." ~ Dahlia

"You always better have a Tank on your side." - Mendoza

"Tank has this look about him when he gets stressed by the nonsense and drama. That's usually when I start looking around for the nearest threat because if he's worried something is going down." - Marianne Dashwood


OOC Info
Name: Justin S.
Player Email: jstnsearles@gmail.com
Storyteller: Patrick McCamon
Storyteller E-mail: camanarchstinla@gmail.com
Location: Los Angeles, CA