Jacob Solomon

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Homid Silent Strider Ahroun Wyrmfoe


Homid Name: Jacob Solomon

Deed Names:

  • "Dusk Runner", Fostern


  • Fostern
  • Wyrmfoe, Sept of the Eastern Skies

Physical Descriptions:

  • Homid: A 30-something man with tanned skin, brown hair and green eyes. He carries an intensity of gaze and purpose, and is almost constantly in motion.
  • Lupus: Like most of his breed, his Lupus form is that of an African Golden Wolf. This type of wolf is dessert adapted, and is often mistaken as a hybrid of a grey wolf and a golden jackal. He has a ruddy brown and gold coat, ideal for blending into the steppes of that region.
  • Crinos: Dusk Runner's Crinos form highlights him as a true specimen of his Tribe, standing a head taller than most with lean, corded muscle and angular features. His coat is similar to that in Lupus form, being a mixed of browns and golds.


  • Judges You Basic — Pack & Sept Alpha, Stargazer, Philodox
  • SH4M4N — Glass Walker, Theurge, Master of Rites
  • Chases Tales — Child of Gaia, Galliard, Talesinger
  • Eyes of the Forest — Fianna, Theurge, Guardian
  • Avalanche — Wendigo Metis, Ahroun, Guardian

Basic Timeline:

  • TBD


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  • TBD



Player: Ken P.

Player Email: kpick@live.com

Storyteller: Laura D

Storyteller Email: laura.dasnoit@gmail.com

Location: Boston, MA