Jacob Tyler

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Jacob Tyler


Notable Characteristics: Overwhelmingly black eyes (Eerie Presence x1), a slight drugish twitch, always carries a black kukri machete he calls "The Homewrecker"

Society: Sabbat

Pack: Trash Mob

Clan: Pander

Status: Initiated, Battle-Scarred

Faction: The Pander Movement

Known History

MiniLogoSectSabbat.png 1979 - Born in Kenmore, NY
MiniLogoSectSabbat.png 1999 - Part of a Mass Embrace in Buffalo, NY
MiniLogoSectSabbat.png 2000 - Takes Part in the siege and takeover of Buffalo, NY by Sabbat Forces
MiniLogoSectSabbat.png 2002-2005 - Takes Part in the siege and battles between the Sabbat and the Camarilla in and around Atlanta, GA
MiniLogoSectSabbat.png 2005 - Becomes Abbot of Trash Mob


MiniLogoSectSabbat.png McMahon
MiniLogoSectSabbat.png Father Leon
MiniLogoSectSabbat.png Grant Pafdom
MiniLogoSectSabbat.png Teacher Astraea
MiniLogoSectSabbat.png Chantico
MiniLogoSectSabbat.png Your name here


MiniLogoSectSabbat.png "Oddly, he reminds me of my first childe... I think with encouragement, he can be molded into one of the strongest warriors of Caine." -- Malachi Salamanca
MiniLogoSectSabbat.png "Very fun. But, more than that, I have enjoyed speaking to him about my Path. There is potential in him for greatness." Chantico
MiniLogoSectSabbat.png "Your quote here." Your name here


MiniLogoSectSabbat.png Jacob is high all the fucking time.
MiniLogoSectSabbat.png Despite not being a pureblooded Lasombra, Jacob has begun down the road to mastery of the Abyssal Arts
MiniLogoSectSabbat.png Jacob think's he's the best hypeman in the Sabbat.
MiniLogoSectSabbat.png Jacob is not a Pander at all, but is the progenitor of a wholly new Lasombra bloodline.
MiniLogoSectSabbat.png Jacob has run his mouth to the point where he's received offers to join multiple Orders of the Sabbat.
MiniLogoSectSabbat.png Rumor here.
MiniLogoSectSabbat.png Rumor here.
MiniLogoSectSabbat.png Rumor here.


MiniLogoBloodlinePanders.png Theme: One True Supervillain Original song by Hot Tag Media Works. Arrangement and Original Melody by Dillon Spears
MiniLogoBloodlinePanders.png Playlist: Jacob Tyler - Pander at Large (On Spotify)

OOC Information

Player: Brian M. Gang

Player Email: Email Brian

Storyteller: Colin Manley

Storyteller Email: Email Colin

Location: Buffalo, NY