Jacob d'Amato

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Jacob d'Amato

Deed Name: Burns the Blood Moon / ブラッドムーンバーナー (lit: bloody moon burner)

Notable Traits: Bitten, wears a painted fox mask

Sept: Sept of the Eastern Skies


Jacob was born into a "lost kinfolk" line of North American Kitsune kinfolk of multi-racial descent which hasn't produced a "full" Kitsune in generations. Though they kept knowledge of their heritage alive, passed down from kinfolk to kinfolk, most chosen to avoid contact with supernatural society altogether. A clever man with an eye for places and things that require discovery and liberation, Jacob tentatively introduced himself to the Nation in pursuit of a particularly dangerous cursed artifact, which turned out to be a strange "ghost coin."

In early 2019, Jacob was Bitten, becoming a Kitsune Doshi.


  • Jacob openly and proudly calls himself a thief, which is a terrible course of action for a real thief. What's his game... ?
  • Jacob "stole" the Vampire Prince of Boston, and thereafter self-declared his "kinfolk deed-name" to be "Stealer-of-Vampires."
    • He also answers to "Shouts-at-Shifters" and "Uppity."
  • Jacob getting Bitten was a matter of serious debate among the Breed, and not everyone agrees with the choice.
  • Jacob and his family are the long-lost descendants of an Elder Kitsune.
  • Jacob slew an Oni in single combat for his Cliath Rank.

OOC Information

Player: Tyler Butler US2016010027

Player Email: tbutlermes@gmail.com

Storyteller: Daniel C.

Storyteller Email: boston.apoc.vst@gmail.com

Location: Boston, MA