Jacopo Morandi de Marmo

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Jacopo Morandi de Marmo

Notable Traits: He can usually be found at court in dapper, if archaic dress. Outside of formal occasions, he wears whatever is most appropriate to the setting he finds himself in.

Society: Camarilla

Clan: Toreador


In the year 1531, two upstanding residents of Florence, Marco and Maria, were blessed with the birth their third child Jacopo. A quick lad he spent his days in study and helping with the household. When he could escape the watchful eye of his mother and two sisters, he would wander the city, fascinated by art and learning that were thriving in his home city. The world beyond the town also drew his attention. His father, a condottiere, told many stories of his travels and battles when he returned home to rest and see his family. As he grew older, the young man took a position in a sculpting workshop. He was allowed to train after hours on stones that were too flawed for use. Jacopo was not diligent in that practice because the sword also drew him and he trained in that art as well.

Jacopo alternated between practicing with sword and working a chisel with near equal dedication. Like many people his age, he simply could not decide what he wanted to become. Fate intervened and simplified his choice. While traveling in Florence, a capricious Elder of the Toreador named Piers noticed the young man. He chose to encourage him in both art and war, seeing possibilities. The vampire did not choose to share his blood with the young man, instead allowing him to develop some seasoning. Piers’ skill with Presence made a blood bond unnecessary. The vampire did not choose to live in Florence, but visited often to provide guidance to and maintain control of Jacopo.

In time, his future sire decided it was time for Jacopo to see more of the world. The protests of his family had no effect on Jacopo; his enthrallment with his patron was too powerful. Sculpting is not a highly portable art, unless your patron happens to be a wealthy Toreador. Their travels were uneventful, the Elder preferring things that way. Jacopo only asked once why he saw his patron during the night and was satisfied with being told it was a skin condition. In the year 1581, it seemed Jacopo prevailed on Piers to pay a visit to Florence to see his family. There had been sporadic letters, but no direct contact. The truth was that Francesco I de’ Medici, son of Cosimo the Great, set up a private gallery in the Uffizi and the vampire wanted to see it. On the night he was to see it, he took Jacopo along so that the sculptor could see what true masterpieces looked like. Jacopo fell in love with the works and the change to see him. In a fit of passion arising from the artwork, he decides it is time for Jacopo to receive the embrace.

The two travel together, seeing the world and the art that is developing. Jacopo is released in due course, with his sire holding a small ceremony in 1601. It is at this time that he has a chance to meet his grandsire, who may have had more of a hand in Jacopo’s course than the fledgling realized.

Not forgetting their martial side, the two vampires add spice to the passing decades by taking contracts, picking fights, anything to avoid that dreaded state – boredom. This lifestyle has it risks and in 1715 that point was viciously driven home. Jacopo’s sire is killed and he is captured while fighting a Sabbat pack. The pack attempts to force him into the sect, but he refuses. Rather than taking his blood, the Tzimisce pack priest decides he needs a toy. He delights in torturing Jacopo. The priest is a master at devising new and more complicated shapes to twist his captive into. After ten long years, Jacopo’s luck changed. He is freed when the pack is wiped out by a group of vampire lead by Una Olafsdottir and Magdalena Giovanni ilBardi. Jacopo, acting as warrior rather than artist, had the opportunity to eventually repay his saviors. The on again/off-again relations lead to an eventual balance. Not friendship, of course. These are vampires, but a working alliance. Mutually exchanged boons go a long way to simulating emotion. In 1743 the Family Pact was signed by the last of the Medici dynasty, bequeathing the collection to the Tuscan State. Jacopo is elated and has a find time visiting the city. By 1777 Jacopo has grown weary of the world and the endless European wars. Jacopo’s boredom had reached epic proportions. In 1777 he chooses to give the world more time to get more interesting. Having watched 246 years pass, he decides that sleeping away half that time would have to lead to an interesting world. He is not wrong.

The year 1900 is almost more than Jacopo can handle. Wars are being fought in places he never heard of. A rebellious British colony is becoming a player on the world stage. Motion pictures are starting to come into vogue. Jacopo sees his first sunrise in centuries. The vampire cried tears of blood over what he lost. Disgusted by the destruction of the First World War, Jacopo decides he needs to add something new to his life. He chooses what is to him a new world and heads to America. On a whim, he picks Atlanta, arriving in 1921. He settles outside the heart of the city in what is now midtown. Some careful boon trading keeps him out of the Atlanta court so he can focus on his art and helping Atlanta be a place worth living in. In 1905 the Atlanta Art Association founded what is now the High museum. When hearing that story, Jacopo decided that they were obviously preparing for his arrival. In 1926 The High family donated their family home on Peachtree Street to house the collection of art that the wealthy of Atlanta had donated to the city. Jacopo was part of making this happen, bring art to the masses. He continues to support the development of the city, always behind the scenes.

On another whim, 1996 in celebration of the Olympics in Atlanta he finally joins the Camarilla.

OOC Information

Player: Ryan Mulderig

Player Email: ryan.d.mulderig@gmail.com

Storyteller: Clint Hauser

Storyteller Email: masqueradevst@atlantaworldofdarkness.org

Location: Atlanta, GA