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Commonly Known Information

Jacqueline Hawthorne in an informal setting.

Name: Jacqueline Hawthorne

Notable Traits: Jacqueline is a cheerful American neonate often found with a briefcase in one hand and a business card in the other. She is of average height and build and dresses in timeless, but impeccably stylish, clothing. She keeps her platinum blonde hair in a shoulder-length bob, and is never found without her signature shade of red lipstick, her favorite perfume, and her wedding ring.

She is often accompanied by her Belgian Malinois, Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt.

Society: Camarilla

Clan: Ventrue

Lineage: House Everard

Current Position: Primogen (Effective September 28th, 2019)


  • Noble (Abiding), as a Primogen of the Camarilla
  • Loyal (Fleeting), for participating in the destruction of Ahmeera Ophidian
  • Loyal (Fleeting), by word of Harpy Cecily Jasper of San Francisco
  • Courteous (Fleeting), by word of Prince Asher Meier of San Francisco
  • (Ventrue Only) Commendable Dignitas


Jacqueline Amelia Parkington Hawthorne, Jackie to her friends, is just shy of ninety years old. She was born in 1930 in Boston, Massachusetts and lived there until she was sent to Miss Porter’s School in 1943. She graduated in 1947 and attended Cornell University thereafter, majoring in American History. In 1951, she traveled west to Stanford Law School.

Afterwards, she used her degree and her business savvy as best she could, but it found its most fertile ground after she married Tanner Hawthorne in 1955, when they began to work together on business ventures. They had their first and only child, Abigail, in 1958. Tanner died tragically in a car accident only two years later, leaving Jackie as a young widow.

She took over the business solo, and attracted the attention of the Ventrue who would be her domitor and later sire.

She was embraced into House Everard in the seventies and distinguished herself well through the economic instability of the 1980’s, when Jackie and her business partner, Richard Clark Jr., built a thriving ultra-luxury concierge and lifestyle management service for Kindred and Kine alike. The success of the business allowed her to rapidly develop the connections and resources she needed to stand out among other Ventrue neonates.

In June of 2019, she and Richard decided they had lived on the East Coast for too long, and wanted a change of pace. They moved back to their old stomping grounds of San Francisco, where both of them had spent some of their mortal years.

In September of 2019, she succeeded Eveline Witt as Primogen of Clan Ventrue due to Ms. Witt's other growing responsibilities. In the tumultuous events of the following months, she has maintained her position and now serves under the current Prince, Asher Meier.

Hawthorne and Clark, LLP

Hawthorne and Clark, LLP provides bespoke solutions to the complexities of unlife. They primarily market to ancillae who find themselves short on time as they grow older, but also have elders and fellow neonates among their clients.

Hawthorne and Clark, LLP began primarily offering personal wealth management and legal advice, now can provide the following services:

  • Wealth Management
  • Legal Services
  • Insurance (Personal and Business)
  • Accounting and Taxes
  • Business Consulting
  • Project Management
  • Event Planning
  • Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Identity Services
  • Human Resources and Talent Acquisition


  • She's uncommonly unambitious for a Ventrue... but is that changing with her new position?
  • Her husband was a ghoul who died in service to Jacqueline’s sire.
  • She doesn’t swear. Just "goodness gracious" and "oh my". If she swears, something has gone terribly, horribly wrong.
  • She has a ghoul cut and color her hair every night.
  • No, I heard it’s actually a wig. No one has seen her real hair in years.
  • She has never taken a lover, citing the memory of her dear departed husband.
  • Her entire life is organized in a series of Gantt charts and pivot tables.
  • She still attends church, albeit infrequently.

Known Associates

  • Richard Clark, Jr.
  • Maksim Volk
  • Eveline Witt
  • Mr. Marks
  • Belladona Dreyer


  • Ms. Hawthorne is a bright light in a dark night for the Ventrue. As our elders die and our influence is eroded, she is the vanguard of a new generation of eager, capable and ruthless operators that will see us restored. - Maksim Volk
  • "Ms. Hawthorne has been a delight to work with. She acts with the most regal bearings, and is a true credit to the Clan of Kings. I look forward to further dealings with such a competent kindred." Murielle O'Connor
  • "I was surprised at the softness in her voice when we spoke given her ability to drop the temperature of the room ten degrees with but a word and a look. Thank goodness she likes me, and her light always be protected." Luciana Santora DuVal
  • "Mme. Hawthorne is a jewel, and I am a fortunate man indeed to have made her acquaintance. Focused, capable, and poised without a hint of mauvaise honte she learns from everything around her, taking in what will make her better and rejecting what will not. She is a paragon, and the future of our clan." - Yves-Valère Seurat
  • "I don't care if she was accessing the feed from outside Richardson. You were supposed to lock everything down. Now she has records. We have no idea what she's seen. We're pulling out. Move to the ranch." - [Unknown]

RP and Connection Hooks

  • Are you a client of Hawthorne and Clark, LLP? Would you like to be? No job is too large or too small (unless magic or the fae are involved, in which case she must politely decline).
  • Do you have an unusual talent, skill, connection, or resource? H&C is always looking to expand their rolodex of vendors, services, and sources.
  • Are you an East Coast WASP or related subculture? She’s quite possibly related to you, or maybe you went to the same private school?
  • She is active in the Junior League and the Daughters of the American Revolution- are you? Do you want to be?
  • Stanford alumnae: she definitely wants to connect.
  • Are you a lawyer? Jackie likes making friends with her fellows.
  • Do you enjoy haute couture fashion? Jackie doesn’t get to go to Paris for Fashion Week as often as she’d like, but she has expensive tastes.
  • She is rapidly approaching her Ancillae years and she’s looking for older Neonates and young Ancillae in the same position. How do you make the jump?


OOC Information

Player: Alison Smaalders

Player Email: Email here for direct communication to the player or character, or here for IC business inquiries to Hawthorne and Clark, LLP.

Storyteller: James Ryan

Storyteller Email: Myst VST Email

Location: San Francisco, CA

Connections: Very welcome, please send me an email!