Jade Ransen

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Jade Ransen

Commonly Known Information

Notable Traits: Usually to be found out on the water, known as a smuggler and influence monger
Society: Camarilla
Clan: Brujah
Social Class: Neonate
Title: Karl of House Agmundr


If it weren't for you, he would still be alive.
Don’t bother coming back - there will be nothing for you here.

Born: 1986
Embraced (by Vengeance): 2006
Left Accounting (in San Antonio): 2007
Moved to Vancouver: 2012


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Quotes/Great Moments

  • My girl makes me proud. I will always encourage her. - Vengeance
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Lineage - House Agmundr

The Morrigan 4th gen. NPC
The Dark Raven 5th gen.
Siegrid of the True North 6th gen.
Egil Agmundr 7th gen.
Zeth (Hope) Agmundr 8th gen.
Väinämöinen Takala 9th gen.
Payback 10th gen.
Vengeance 11th gen.
Jade 12th gen.

Known Associates

Seeking Ties With

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OOC Information

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