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Known Information
Name:Jaime "James" Mendoza
Notable Traits:Sunglasses at night
Clan:Toreador, possibly Ishtarri
Lineage:Unknown / Looking for Ties
Sire:Unknown / Looking for Ties
Position:Deputy Constable
Apparent Age:Late 30's
Known Age:Around 120 years
Occupation:Art Dealer
Black Market Fence
City:San Diego, CA
Current standing within the Anarch Movement
Fleeting RepLoyal
Innate Status* None
Titles* None
1939-1947Smuggled art from Nazis.
1950sTravelled around the U.S.
Late 1990sDisappeared
2010sResurfaced, travelling the U.S.
2018Bought a gallery in San Diego, laying down roots
2018Answered the All-Call in Alexandria, LA.

Character Inspirations

These are characters from fiction and real life

  • Harry Lime
  • Joe and Jerry from Some Like it Hot
  • Jimmy McGill
  • Amedeo Modigliani
  • Valle Rosenberg
  • Elim Garrick
  • Quark
  • Frank Abagnale
  • Barbara Gladstone
  • Ferdinand Waldo Demara
  • Iwan Wirth
  • Matthew Marks
  • Neal Caffrey
  • Monuments Men
  • Elmyr de Hory
  • Pretentious Art Students, of which I am one.


  • Duke Ellington, Take the A Train
  • Lou Reed, This Magic Moment
  • Angelo Badalamenti, Red Bats with Teeth
  • Garbage, Even Though Our Love is Doomed

OOC Information
Player: John M. Osborne
Player Email:Email Me
Storyteller:Gabriel Fortes
Storyteller Email:San Diego C/A VST
Location:San Diego, CA
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Camarilla Toreador: "What are you rebelling against, Mendoza?"

Mendoza: "Good Taste."

Picasso was once asked whether he could tell a fake Picasso from his own. He answered that he's worked his whole life to make fake Picassos. - Jaime Mendoza

Truth is rarely pure, and never simple. - Oscar Wilde

The world is only relatively in tune with thought. - The Surrealist Manifesto, Andre Breton

Success is a menace. It fools smart people into thinking they can't lose. - Bill Gates

Good artists copy, great artists steal. - Steve Jobs paraphrasing Picasso

Do you think I should confess? To what? Committing masterpieces? - Elmyr de Hory

Every Saint has a past and every sinner has a future." - Oscar Wilde



Mendoza in formal wear
Mendoza as an Anarch
Not much is known about Jaime "Jim" Mendoza, a former smuggler and - currently - an art dealer. A Filipino-American who dug himself out from poverty to find unlife. He is also a technically talented painter, but only occasionally sells his own work. None of which are considered masterpieces.

For his own taste, he prefers the early Modern period but enjoys any fringe art he can find. It's rumored that he has everything from original Degas to Picasso to velvet Elvis paintings.

Jim Mendoza surfaced during World War II, among a group of Kindred smuggling art out of Nazi hands. He operated out of Spain as a connection delivering masterworks through various unsavory characters - humans and Kindred alike. He gained a reputation for appraisal and educated knowledge of European fine art, despite being American.

That said, he has sold work throughout the country, notably La Rêverie, a Kindred "speakeasy" in Savannah, GA. He has opened and closed galleries throughout his career, most recently in San Diego's "Barrio Logan" neighborhood.

When he returned to the U.S. after the War, he didn't set up shop anywhere, preferring instead to travel the U.S. He took his cue from the Beats and would watch them with enthusiasm. He also led a double life, attending high society gatherings to sell his wares and knowledge. He cares deeply about art and its evolution, mainly seeking the work of those on the fringe, despite them not being as valuable as the other work that passes through his hands.

While he never stood out among the Toreador, his work during World War II earned him some recognition from the clan as a preserver of art and culture. Even so, he joined the Movement due to what he'd seen overseas, atrocities committed by Kindred and Kine on all fronts of the war. It took him a while to get back in with Toreador good graces, especially since his connections weren't completely kosher. Still, this is what is necessary to recover hard to find - and sometimes stolen work.

He cares deeply about the history of art and self-expression, living a minimalist bohemian, lifestyle "on the road" as it were. He's expressed that all he needs is his motorcycle and the open road.

And yet still he dresses dandily - though sometimes a bit flashy and "fashion-forward". He dresses elegantly for Camarilla gatherings, and in his motorcycle gear for the Movement. The first is to meet potential customers, and the latter is to meet potential customers.

Even so, his main reason for travel to make connections and manages to find and deliver historic masterpieces on the occasion the Movement needs funding. He's taken advantage of the use of Art as an untraceable currency, used as collateral to make deals throughout his travels.



  • Connected, Nominated by Niko Agne, then Constable, now Advocate. Rep given by Popular Acclaim.
  • Preacher, Nominated by Alenzia "Talon" Kolmnemos, former Advocate - Rep given by Popular Acclaim.
  • Loyal, for answering a Call to Arms.
  • Hardcore, Tyler of the Movement (NPC), for aiding the Camarilla in the destruction of an infernalist. He drove.
  • Hardcore, Nominated by Ambassador Niko Agne, presented by Advocate Marianne Dashwood, by Popular Acclaim.


While a member of the Benandani (with Leon Harris and Judith), Mendoza doesn't have the Merit space for "Moniker".




'What we professional liars hope to serve is truth. I'm afraid the pompous word for that is "art".' - Orson Welles

'Jaime is exactly what he appears to be while being exactly what you least suspect; an honest criminal and criminally honest.' - Lotte Peeters

'Once upon a time, he held my regard deeply enough that I considered bringing him into the shadows with me, but it wasn't to be. We remain, and he is on a very short list of individuals I trust implicitly.' - Irvine

"I have found across the centuries that there may indeed be honor among thieves and scoundrels, especially ones of such exquisite tastes." - Pieter Solodovnikov

'Mendoza and I pal'd around for a couple of years. Normally I can't stand members of my own Clan, but he's managed to be one of the handful of exceptions. I can actually talk about art with him, without wanting to punch him.' - Jentry Nix

'He's his own man... and a bit of an ass, sure. But he's our ass. There's no finer man to have at your back when the chips are down.' - Talon

"So don't be afraid to let them show / Your true colors / True colors are beautiful / Like a rainbow." - Callie Cypher


Rumors, lies and half-truths

  • He spent most of the Founder's ball with Justicar Bolivar, trying to sell her some paintings.
  • He is far more dangerous than he pretends to be.
  • He's been known to help Kindred with new identities - birth certificates, passports, driver's licenses, that sort of thing.
  • After the Grand Conclave, started moving some of his stuff around to prepare. He will be taking a sabbatical.
  • He's always working on a "project", though he's not telling what it is.
  • He is either a majority shareholder in Starbucks or a technomancer.
  • He recently revealed a big secret to a select few, and most of them already knew.
  • Explicitly, Mendoza sometimes goes through shady characters to find long-lost masterworks.
  • He always knows more than what he let's on.
  • Mendoza must have a secret cache of valuable pieces, how does he find them?
  • Mendoza isn't a true believer of the Movement.
  • Mendoza is a true believer of the Movement.
  • He wears a lot of roses, even for a Toreador, don't you think?
  • He is not a Toreador. He isn't affected by the grief sway for some reason.
  • He is a Toreador, but from an unfavorable lineage.
  • He's a Camarilla spy.
  • He's really a Setite.
  • Mendoza isn't even his real name.

Acquaintances, Allies and Enemies

  • Talon, an Old Dog Brujah of the San Diego Movement, and one of the reasons he joined after World War II.
  • Saul Macrae, an Anarch Gangrel with a reputation as a professional gambler. Mendoza & Macrae have crossed paths many times over the decades.
  • Jentry Nix, a tattoo artist in Oregon. Travelled with Mendoza in the mid 2000's. Mendoza even helped promote her work while she traveled to trade shows. They had exchanged ideas on the nature of art. They were recently seen at the Bizarre Bazaar together.
  • Lorena Silva, Lasombra Anarch, Mendoza's connection to southwestern anarchs.
  • Jacob "Tank" McCarthy and Mendoza go way back.
  • Tony de Luca, fellow Rose and gun collector. Disappeared.
  • Meg Sloan of Seattle.
  • Vanessa Colt fellow Rose and gunsmith. She went infernal. Now he hates her.
  • Lotte Peeters, Mendoza's introduction to the Movement during his early career.
  • Irvine St. Cyr, gentleman thief, fence, and Anarch.
  • Ayla O'Shaw and Brannon "Little Raven" of the Dark Wings Carnival, Autark Carnival and useful fences.
  • Pieter Solodovnikov, Old Dog Ventrue Anarch.
  • Lorem Ipsum, the Toreador bookmaker taught Mendoza a few things after a humbling experience.
  • Coil, who knows everyone.
  • Nicholas da Costa asked for help, and Mendoza was one of the many that answered. He managed to do some good. And some bad.
  • Feng Bai Hu Spiritual Adviser to the path of enlightenment.
  • Jack Holloway acts as a go-between for interested parties in the Baltimore/DC area. They go as far back as the 1970's.
  • Xavier Brownstone, Ventrue and ally during WWII. Deceased and caught up in the Lake Charles Du Val Conspiracy, publicly as an enemy of the Movement. (character deceased)
  • Captain Manfred Townsend. How does a traditionalist Ventrue Camarilla Ancillae and a Toreador Anarch Neonate have any kind of relationship? A dealer needs customers. Left to travel the world. (OOC: Character retired)
  • Carmen de la Vega and Mendoza travel in many of the same circles - mainly rich people willing to buy art and the Movement. (character retired)
  • Elliot Irving Meyers, Camarilla Toreador Gunfighter and gunsmith that finds Mendoza's antics amusing. (character retired)



  • ANARCHS: Why would someone like me be an Anarch? Artists do their best just outside the thumb of the Man.
  • THE INDEPENDENT ALLIANCE: Good customers don't necessarily mean good people. But good customers.
  • THE CAMARILLA: Full of self-important marks. Also good customers.
  • THE SABBAT: Kindred slumming it in the name of some kind of idealism or religion or whatever.
  • TOREADOR: A bunch of self-important and lovely people.
  • VENTRUE: They get a bad rap. Not all of them are selfish narcissists.
  • BRUJAH: Passion is a greater marker of artistic talent than holding a brush.
  • MALKAVIANS: Insanity is a greater marker of artistic talent than holding a brush.
  • TREMERE: Insanity is a greater marker of artistic talent than holding a brush.
  • NOSFERATU: I avoid them, but I'm sure they don't avoid me.
  • ASSAMITES: They're the new Campires, and the Camarilla brushed off the Gangrel for it. Tells you what you need to know about the Cam.
  • GANGREL: One day I'd just like to take out my motorcycle and join them on the open road. We clash in fashion sense though.
  • RAVNOS: What can you say about them that can't be said for all Kindred. Liars, cheats and thieves? Have you looked at the rest of us?
  • SETITES: They play at corruption like it's a bad thing.
  • GIOVANNI: I hate to be stereotypical, but people don't say enough nice things about Sicilians.
  • LASOMBRA ANTITRIBU: The Magisters have always been there for me to teach me manners.
  • DAUGHTERS OF CACOPHONY: Sirens don't hide, a quality I admire in any artist.
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Illustration by Kya Harris
Illustration by Kya Harris
Photography by Tom Osborne Photography