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Name: Jaimie “The Slow Knife” Roschenko

Auspice: Ahroun

Tribe: Shadow Lord

Rank: Elder

Position: Leader of the Children of Crow

Sept: Undisclosed


Jaimie Roschenko is well known as having a sharp but ruthless mind. Roschenko embodies the new American Shadow Lord; quite different from their original Romanian roots, but no less powerful. Coming from humble beginnings, she clawed her upwards, the Change only supplementing her prowess and influence. She is the first Ahroun to have garnered the leadership of the Children of Crow in the lasttwo centuries.

As one that Luna has smiled fully upon, she has taken the camp into a more militant stance. Weak leaders are not to be tolerated. Gaia cannot have generals that fail her, and it is up the Children to dispose of them and support their more competent successors.

In the human world she is the CEO of a very successful political consulting firm. The power and influence her firm has gained allows her to wield it for the betterment of the cause of Gaia, or at least that is the party line.

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Lies, Slander & Truths


  • Why is the slow knife, you ask? Because that's how you die when you fail.
  • She had a sister once. They say that she was bitten, and in her anger left and joined the Black Furies
  • Shes allergic to cats. Yep. All cats.

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Player: Jaimie Spencer

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