Jake Hargrove

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Jake Hargrove

Notable Traits: Gurahl, medical background

Rank: Rishi (5)

Breed: Homid

Deed names: Big Heart, Doc, Darkbane, Pure Claw

Pack: Checks & Balances

Society: Gurahl

Sept: Atlanta

Positions: Beta of the Sept of Hope's Resurgence


Homid: Jake is a large man in his 30s, carrying himself fit but more on the bulky side. He has multiple scars around his body, one of which being a large bite scar on his back. He usually wears jeans or khaki pants and a t-shirt with an Auburn University or boonie hat on.

Crinos: Jake is a monster of black fur and claws, standing around 20 feet tall. Notably on his back is a massive bite scar.

Ursine: In his ursine form Jake looks like a slightly larger American Black Bear, he has a large bite scar on his back.


Jake grew up in Atlanta. He spent years focusing on protecting others and making sure that they get healed and are properly taken care of. He spent the better part of the early 2000s gaining his Veterinary degree, focusing primarily on "exotic" animals, mainly kinfolk. He is an active advocate of the Fera/Garou relations, aiming to keep all of the sides aimed at the right place, not each other.


  • He doesn't care what faction you are, all are of Gaia.
  • Jake once cleansed a Garou kinfolk.
  • Nobody has bested him in wrestling.
  • He is actually a Doctor.
  • He hates the nickname Dr. Bearlove.
  • Got rid of his aquariums after his students kept eating all the fish.
  • Has a history as an arsonist. His favorite method of ignition was Molotov cocktails.
  • Gets annoyed at false accusations.
  • Was in Pangaea when the Caern Seeds were found.


  • If you need my help, I will be there. - Jake
  • "Competent in battle. Keeps his composure better than many wolves." - Weathers the Storm
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OOC Information

Player: Eric P.

Player Email: thorskid@hotmail.com

Storyteller: Mike B.

Storyteller Email: apocalypsevst@atlantaworldofdarkness.org

Location: Atlanta, GA